Subj: Some observations on the Coming Times
Date: 1/2/00 12:11:22 PM Pacific Standard Time


For a thesis in my studies for my degree in Philosophy back in 1993, I chose to undertake an analysis of many of the world's religions. Ranging from the "super-sized" sects of Christianity and Islam to the little-understood religions of the Native Americans and Dogons of Africa, I carefully studied their central truths and made a comparison. I obesrved these central truths that are common to all these religions which I chose to analyze:

The notion of a soul - Each religion in one form or another recognizes a mind-body duality, and that there are different dimensions to existence.

The concept of the afterlife - These religions in their purest forms (meaning without the invented doctrines by their respective establishments) revealed that there is another place we inhabit once we shed our material bodies during the transformation we call death. If and how our souls judge, or who judges our soul's achievements in material bodies represent the only major fundamental differences. Again, this is largely due to regional cultural interpretations by the establishments.

The prophecies of a changing planet - There is a common prophecy involving a transition of existence on Earth. Stories range from total destruction and the "end of time" to a metamorphosis of spiritual awareness and multi-dimensional living. Only the intrepretations have changed.

I have been led to believe from these observations that if we peeled away the layers of the different interpretations imposed by leadership throughout history, it's possible to imply that:

-All the world's religions may have originated from one specific series of events a long time ago.

-Everybody is listening to the same voice, but in what context it's been heard is what has changed throughout time, possibly creating the divisions in faith we see today.

So what do we do to get everybody on the same page? I believe these changes your readers are reporting are happening for this very reason, and is well documented in many of the ancient texts and stories brought down through the ages. Maybe the prophecies of a changing planet are already fulfilling themselves!