Subj: Re: Weird C2
Date: 1/5/00 6:34:49 PM Pacific Standard Time


1. The individual images of this are missing from the Nasa SOHO Lasco
C2 site. Did you get this elsewhere?

2. It looks very much like the Shoemaker-Levy impacts on Jupiter.

I would say it was some sort of dome shaped eruption, caused by and
impact or internal pressure.

Have you noticed the huge gaps in Lasco C3 feeds from Nasa. Most of the
time I can get images with 20 minutes of stamped time on the Navy site
(in B&W), whereas NASA IS DELAYED BY HOURS, sometimes with huge gaps in
the data.

Last night nothing was posted after the 3:18 UT image (21:18 CST) At
06:00 UT there was still nothing further even though Navy kept posting.

Interestingly, it seems that at night (after 0200 UT) Lasco C3 images
alternate on the Navy site between Clear (non filtered) and Orange and
blue filters. These give some strange effects.

Finally, I have an idea that if we compare the relative brightness of
Mercury, to the Sun Cruiser when they appear in the same frame that we
may be able to extrapolate relative size and distance from the sun. It
is obvious that it is on the opposite side of the sun from the SOHO
since we see the sunlight reflecting off of it in the SOHO images.

If we assume for the moment that it is inside the orbit of Mercury, its
still a big boy, planetoid size! If you look at the pixelation, its not

I believe the "wings" associated with images of "cruiser" are an image
artifact like we see on Mercury and Venus(due to high reflectivity)
when they are in frame. This would mean the main body of "cruiser" is
more...dare I say it.. cubed shaped.

More later, wrote:

> Ever seen anything like this on the C2? Any ideas?
> ../../CBJD/sun/1-2weird.gif
> Kent