Subj: Shifting Dimensions
Date: 1/5/00 4:56:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

I was outside taking pictures of the chemtrail spraying in my area on New years Day and snapped a bunch and put them away with all of the others. Today I took them to work to show a frined of mine and he asked me what the white dots were? Kent in straight vertical lines there were white perfectly round dots. On the picture there are 3 of these lines with the white dots all around them. Right where they were spraying the lines. I sent you a mail awhile ago telling you I ccould "see" the air alive. Well this is what I see all around me. Everywhere. The air IS alive! Also have had many experienclately where I "see" figures walking around. When driving down the road at night, I see these figures crossing the street right in front of me. The first time, it bugged me because I was afraid of hitting whatever or whoever it is, but I now know you can't. At least not yet. I don't want to accidentially
run anyone over! The shift is in FULL swing!