Subj: What a New Year Dream!!!.....
Date: 1/5/00 9:22:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

I went to bed and as the night "progressed" I had my mind on thinking of
peace and love according to a Spiritual site and the messages I have read
on them over the help the world at this important time in
It was then that for now I will call a "dream" came upon me...someone
else has since said that I was probably out-of body...but it was I was in
"Egypt" that night and I saw what looked like men wearing dog's heads and
some were dressed in all white and some in all black...and they were in a
group and seemed to be 'struggling" with one another over something...and
I thought perhaps twas "me"....fear started to swell up within me....and I
couldn't think of the entire Merkaba Meditation....and I remembered that I
was told many times by others to not let your "fear" overcome you. So it
was that I started "singing" a song...a very "simple" song...namely Neil
Diamond's "Song Sung Blue" was at this time I felt myself as part of
a "energy" in a golden light of molecules. I thought my body was about to
"explode" into invisiability. But I kept on singing and "focusing" on the
song and started seemingly "pulling myself together". When I did.. I awoke

with my heart just pounding and beating very fast. It was indeed an awesome
night. The "roaring" my ears has not gone away and I know
now that usually this is caused by Solar "acivity"...when it gets louder
it cultimates with an Earthquake somewhere usually. Where do I think
the New Year is going? I think it is that we will each on our own be
working on the "judgement" of ourselves and our past actions. So be kind
to your neighbor... is being kind to yourself. And this time the advice is
not to be taken on "fake" sentiment for personal gain. Yep, truth has
arrived. We are what we think and our thoughts if not good are not going
past ourselves. That's what I think things this year will be.