Subj: Awakning in Africa
Date: 1/4/00 10:56:24 PM Pacific Standard Time


I have no idea to whom I am writing this e-mail - I followed a link off the Orbit site. I was fascinated to read about the spiritual changes happening to people in the new millennium.The majority of the content on these types of sites tend to be of American or European origin - more connected people I spose! - however being a South African, I often wonder why so few UFO's are spotted over Africa an whether there is a spiritual awakening happening on this continent to as large an extent. Maybe this account of my dreams over the past four days of the new millennium will prompt others to communicate their "awakenings".

I am just a regular 27 year old who was privileged with a good education - one where my teachers and family always encouraged me to look past the obvious and be inquiring. that is why I suppose I visit esoteric and higher consciousness sites with great interest. As a child I often recalled dreams to my mother that were extremely vivid about living in past times and speaking different languages - which she attributed in a simplistic way to a sort of personal past life regression. These dreams occurred on a frequent basis until I was about 12 years old. In the past 15 years I can only recall about 5 or 6 similar ones. Overt he past four days I have had various dreams where again I can recall vividly speaking different languages and living in other countries in times gone by. Then last night I dreamt for the first time that I lived in the future ( date unknown) and I found it interesting that while technology had progressed, social interaction had regressed.

What it all means I will continue to explore - .......