Date: 1/4/00 5:04:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

You may publish the following under "profound" but PLEASE do NOT show
this private email address.
I will copy all the people I feel need to see it as well from my
email address probably rewritten.

Respect your decisions on the YAWEH gurubuff. YAWEH is very well
researched with excellent conclusions taken in Sitchin's Volume 8, at
end of the book.YAWEH defined means ALL THAT IS. For me that means as
each one can say I am about anything at all, we are holographically ALL
THAT IS saying...... I AM.

Any clown that parades around as yaweh is phony.
All channelling will be going by the board soon as we get on down the
road now opening up.

All the profound experiences you have posted fit well in the present
morphing scene where what is really happening is a transformation from
3D into the raised and all new dimension. Bright and varied versions of
"side-vision" is a precursor to complete morphing over via
transformation from 3D partial vision.

The BREAKTHROUGH emailed this a.m. is key to a huge leap forward where
we now will see what we want to see in our own way, respond in the
appropriate manner for our own CONSCIENCE and NOT BE concerned to even
consider judging anyone else for their responses if they are even
noticed at all, because it ALL will be personally CONSCIENCE ORIENTED.

It is conscience-catch-up BIG TIME now because no one will be able to
get away with lying, coverups, or destruction of any kind that will not
return ZIPPO back to their creator with egg on the face. Many will be
making right years of error by owning and correcting for others to
understand. This must be done for each individual conscience to survive
in the new way moving in exponentially.

THE BEAUTY WILL BE no one will judge the egg on the face but the one
wearing the egg because it is eggwearer's own personal business. People
will be too busy lapping up the new refreshing TRUTH to be concerned
about the old 3D ways.

If THOTH helps you, it helps others. It's whatever fits the CONSCIENCE
now. Much growing beyond any type of reference will be the freedom
happening to everyone as they feel their own new freedoms which will
then exponentially be available to all.

Wrongfully jailed victims will become free in droves as their due is
returned in unsuspecting miracle fashion. REAL JAILBIRDS will no longer
be able to avoid owning or paying their dues BIGTIME so's all will take