Subj: memories
Date: 1/3/00 4:01:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

BARDSQUILL: Amazon tribe
another tribe, what are you the conisseur of indians salty dog
BARDSQUILL: they were able to "travel" out of body clearly and knew everything that was happening around the world, though they had never physically left their homeland. They had never even tried to communicate with the outside world, except to a very fortunate few.
FRIEND: excuse the spellin
FRIEND: hmmm....bunch of wizards
FRIEND: and wizardresses
BARDSQUILL: The Kogi do not see us as "sleeping" as many of the Hindu and Oriental religions perceive us. The Kogi see us as "dead". We are not alive, but only shadows of the energy we could be. We do not have enough life force energy and consciousness to be classified by them as real people.
FRIEND: hmmmm
FRIEND: what do you think, did they hit the nail on the head or what??
FRIEND: we be dead??
FRIEND: dead is Me
FRIEND: only kiddin
FRIEND: ya know what salty dog
FRIEND: you should go on Jeopardy you would make a million
FRIEND: have you ever contemplated that as a career, geesh what don't you know
FRIEND: now where did you go
BARDSQUILL: what th heck is jeopardy?
FRIEND: is game show
FRIEND: based on knowledge of all types.
FRIEND: on all subjects
BARDSQUILL: sent ye KOGI story
FRIEND: thank yee for the story
FRIEND: so you didn't say , is it snowing there ......
FRIEND: ??????
BARDSQUILL: but...reminds me of somethin really happened once while eatin lunch at college cafeteria patio.
FRIEND: oh good a story
FRIEND: you may fire when ready grizzly
BARDSQUILL: had Native American week goin on, Elders strollin around everywhere
BARDSQUILL: Was with a bunch of hippies yakkin about the meaning of life like hippies did alot then
FRIEND: the meanin of life... sighhhhh
BARDSQUILL: This old Indian man came walkin across the lawn in a straight line and stopped at our table.
FRIEND: uh oh
BARDSQUILL: So we shut up because we knew he was about to say sumpthin.
FRIEND: good idea
BARDSQUILL: we were right
BARDSQUILL: He said, "Children, you do NOT understand...."
BARDSQUILL: "Five hundred years ago there came a great Shaman onto the world. He gathered up all of earth's children and took them away into the stars. The world ended forever."
BARDSQUILL: Then he shut up expecting us to say, "huh."
BARDSQUILL: We all of us at once said, HUH?"
BARDSQUILL: Then we said, "but but, WHO ARE WE?" Think he expected us to ask that too.
FRIEND: then what are we.... ghosts
BARDSQUILL: His reply was....
FRIEND: yeppers i think you be right

BARDSQUILL: then he left.
FRIEND: ghosts
FRIEND: *big laugh
FRIEND: i can see you all
BARDSQUILL: damn, stuff like that used to happen constantly