EDITOR'S NOTE: DISCLAIMER ON THE FOLLOWING PIECE-- I posted, withdrew, posted again. Myself, somewhat uncomfortable with an expressed factionalionalism, I think that not all of us have had the leisure to preen an ethereal "correct-philosophy," but have based their faith on lessons learned from the school hard knocks.

Subj: Thoth
Date: 1/1/00 9:18:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Thank you very much for your site. It's informative. You know, the
best way to do work is to remove all materials relating to Gods like
Osiris, Thoth, etc. The prophets says they are already dead. Their
technologies may have been left (like the ones discovered in the
Pyramids), but you see, if they are dead, they cannot do anything
anymore. So that truth can surface once these deceptive counterfeiters
are removed. Makes work easy. Today, the energy and force of the Gods
is to hide the truth about Yahweh our Creator. From that perspective, it
is very hard to finish anything because you won't accomplish the goal of
work, which is rest. I try doing it when I researched, and so far I have
uncovered these things:

1) Media hides truth about Gods letting everybody believes that man has
progressed from cart, steam, automobile, airplane, rocket, etc.
(according to the schools). But with the gods technology uncovered which
is much greater than what we currently have and if misused again (just
like when Hitler did), then many people will be destroyed without even
seeing the light of truth. That is the problem with our High places. It
just doesn't stand up in judgment.

2. Yahweh says Marduk is a lie (Yeremyah or Jeremiah 50). So if Nibiru
comes, it may cause trouble but that is just the way it is. See, because
of media's control of truth many people may be dead if there will be a
pole shift (due to Nibiru's gravitational impact, because there is
already a photo of it as you published but also as photographed by
IRAS)as many people live on the coastlands. So you see, their blood will
simply be for nothing. From the facts at hand, of course that will be
the result.

3. If reality can be engineered (thanks for your article), see please
the consequences of it. We will become like the malakim (or the angels)
already or higher. Maybe it will be the New Heaven and New Earth coming
because Einstein say that the universe can be maintained forever. Also
death can also be removed and eternity can start. It will be very far
from the make believe society we are trying to make everybody to believe
as reality. Actually it is not even close like that. Because most news
are hiding the truth about the Asians. My grandmother barely escaped in
World War II in Asia (they hid underground). Because when these Asians
who are so many makes war they don't act without result (because they
act first based on analysis). Which in reality endangering everybody
here in the West, without them even having a little bit of knowledge
about it. That is why their statements don't change through time. Even
if we feel good ourselves here (of course as engineered by our lying
leaders which has nothing to do with the way Asians prepare. Today they
are now strong militarily and economically).

4. According to Einstein too, if we can travel as fast as the speed of
light then time can be stopped. That is why ETs like the Greys say they
have seen the future already (though of course ETs can never be relied
upon). The Holy Book describes events today (Isayah, Yeremyah,
Yechetzqyah, Daniyl, and the 12 minor prophets) even if it is written
thousands of years ago. If we cannot piece this up perfectly (as it is a
coded book) and because we are now at the time of crisis of the end
(Daniyl 12:4), there is no chance to rescue the end time and probably
only those who will call on our Creator Yahweh. And since our lives are
controlled by the NWO crap people (like their intention to remove the US
army as signed by Mr. Kennedy in his executive decree, or their control
of money like the Federal Reserve due to the conspiracy of the Yahdaim
or the Jews to implement their world government, [*DISCLAIMER] King Solomon style
but according to the influence of his foreign wives and gods which looks
alright as seen everywhere but has no truth, or world organizations like
the UN, the commmunist governments, etc. as organized by the Assyrians
or the Germans, the media, etc.), then it will surely lead to disaster
or destruction of much of the earth (Isayah 24). Because NWO people are
actually obeying the Serpent or Nachash people who are intelligent
beings but has no soul (hence the horrible society we have). Gods put
their efforts in deceiving people from the correct knowledge that is why
in research it is very hard to find the truth unless you really want to
learn. Truth mixed with deception (say the explanation of the Gods) will
only bring disaster. We cannot do it our way because many nations do
not like us and they are preparing their weapons while we are open to
them. Those who know the truth today are simply trampled or you have to
find them hard before you can piece it (see your site is threatened
itself) to the overall condition. If you will ask me, I will say that
disaster is unavoidable because the very way we deal (like our high
places) are the very way the company of Gog (Yechetzqyah 38-39) is
expert at (in analysis). Hence any talk of peace is simply impossible.
It is simply a trap for everybody. You can believe me or not but the
consequence of this is forever (for remember the article about
engineering reality, if they can change it, as very likely it may be
which in truth can be held by the true saints [the one dicussed in the
article call it priori], it may messed everybody up forever if we will
not know how to learn to do what is just and right or obeying the laws
of our Creator (remember we are in agreement with this society). Please
look at the consequence that may simply go on effect for forever, if
disaster strikes. Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

P.S. I quoted your site about the sightings of the malakim (or angels as
we call them), on the builders of the third temple. I said that they are
true malakim because they did not attack (if they are demons or Gods).
But if they did or will attack, then it is trouble because they could be
the tools of the NWO crap people to implement their world religion and
world government which we cannot do anything as we are in agreement with
them today (we choose to be deceived). Thank you.


Subj: Re: Thoth

Date: 1/1/00 11:55:21 PM Pacific Standard Time


I posted your article, then removed because of your criticism of other groups.

Tell us about yourself, what you have seen and experienced in relationship to your God. We want to hear about you, not others.

Kent Steadman

Subj: Law
Date: 1/2/00 1:27:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: jessellflor@freewwweb.com (Flor Castaneda)

Dear Mr. Steadman,

Well, if you want to know about me, more specifically the Laws of
mankind we are discussing, when they make laws like that (like the
executive decrees of Mr. Kennedy to remove the armed forces), they are
really true. When I was born, in the Philippines, the President there,
Mr. Marcos established a dictatorship for 20 years, till he killed his
main opposition rival. He deceived people thru control of media and
money just like the way we do here (his wife Imelda claims ownership of
half of the country). While being a President, those who think of him
badly are jeered and are looked upon as strange. When he was booted out
in 1986, he was found to have Swiss accounts (where at least $590
million has now been recovered, the thing is he is just a declared
ordinary person according to his financial statements when he run for
President), also he has killed 9,500 people in opposition to him (while
as President any talk against him is so horrible in consequence, he sets
up a martial law and so all the talk that must be believed are good ones
only, not those he killed in which he will be angry if you accuse him
and his policies for "freedom". His wife now agrees to pay them today.
Meaning throughout time, they do what they want, then expects
forgiveness later. It don't work that way because if it is applied here
in the USA or on world basis, then many would be killed because they
will apply the law [like the executive decrees for basis to control the
USA], then say sorry later when many are destroyed).

Asians don't like NWO. They have officially rejected that already.
And if we continue in this course of policy to be allies of Europe or
the Holy Roman Empire (which is what the NWO crap people wants), then we
will be destroyed by them too (for the truth of world war II is Russia
is the one that conquered Berlin man to man, without any use of nuclear
bombs that stop the war in Asia). In Asia, barely you won there. Because
if not for the local Filipino soldiers plus the GI's who held out at
Bataan, the advance of the Japanese could have been complete and they
should have taken the region. For they don't care about dying. They call
it Kamikaze. Applied to society today, with everybody having nuclear
bombs (currently at 36 nations already), if there will be attack, it
will be manually. From there it is hard to win, because Asians rarely
lose. The are not defiled, they act on analysis (hence their eyes like
the Chinese has no slit).

From the Philippines after the fall of Mr. Marcos, I came here in the
USA. I observed situation here different than in Asia. Because here
currently we only have 26 % intact families, adulteries at 79% veto
proof majority for Christians, 50 million insane people, etc. In the
Philippines, it is not defiled as here. Now when we offend them like in
Vietnam, we did not win. Their strategy is simply to hide under the
ground. Yet in here it is such a big issue. In Kosovo (the Serbs are
cousins to Russians), they were proven to be correct not defiled even
(NATO killed 1,800 people, the "mass graves" uncovered 300 Albanian
bodies which are very likely drug trafficking KLA terrorists that
started the trouble in the first place) if their nation was destroyed.
Therefore, their relatives the Asians who are by the billions have now a
basis in their hostility against us. In a man to man combat, there will
be no one to stop them. See, they act based on analysis. Not on lies and
criminality. That is why Mr. Yeltsin said that stop talking about
Kosovo, as they have nuclear bombs as a threat. Because they cannot bear
with crap like that. They are not defiled. Father Yahweh says heathens
will be destroyed. But if they will be, what will happen to us? Because
the West is actually Israyl. That is the deception that our high places
do today. Which will only worsen the true situation of man.

As for me, I do not intend to stay longer in this way. When Zion or
the House of Yahweh will be redeemed, I would like to be there to gain
the promise He promised to those who follow Him. I have seen defilement
here right in my eyes. So I know, prophecies are being fulfilled. I only
act based on facts. Not even on what I want. If Yahweh says man will be
destroyed (Isayah 13, 24, Yeremyah 25, Yahyl 2, Zephanyah 1, Zecharyah
14), it is simply true for the basis is there. I have seen it in my
eyes, as our explanation in life even if we are so defiled does not even
change even after a long time (search your internet please for example,
and see the people how they live). Even better than our analysts.
Example, like last year, the news here for how many months says that
North Korea has changed already. We are supposed to believe that.
Suddenly, the North Koreans have a missile that can now reach the USA.
Applied to our lives, what do you think will happen to us if we are fed
lies like that then suddenly put to an all out war against mankind?
Because, we are supposed to lead the world, even if we are lying
(sometimes to the teeth). Of course, the one that will do that (our NWO
crap people) will simply hide, let us be destroyed then surfaced later
to still implement their world government (as they know how to control
us anyway, from media, mind control, finances from the Federal Reserve
which is not even a part of the government, our lovers the Chaldean and
the Assyrian or German UN, and other world organizations whose record of
criminality is simply recorded in the heavens to be used for forever
(Isayah 30:8-9, Nachumyah 1:14), lessons that are never learned even if
they nearly destroyed the planet in World War II. What basis we then
have today? Of course none. While the victors like the Russians will
simply act based on their past perfomance, and as we are so destroyed,
we can imagine the best of everything, but still the sword's sharpness
(our present reality) never changes, or even dulled (as we now have 36
nations with nuclear bombs by now, plus all the other weapons of mass
destruction). Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

Subj: Re: Law

Date: 1/2/00 2:47:42 AM Pacific Standard Time


Posted both pieces with a disclaimer, somewhat uncomfortable with reference to ethnic groups.