Date: 1/1/00 11:21:42 AM Pacific Standard Time

you, who are NOT NECESSARY To The Whole and holy, NEED to listen to the following endorsements from that which is called spirit and/or aliens and/or strange be-ings. the typist is a psychic who has devoted her life to endorsing the ways of those above mentioned. she, though not the she on the address shown, is be-ing trained to write the philosophies of such. you, who are NECESSARY to ALL (this includes those who ARE NECESSARY To The Whole (The Masses), the holy, and the above be-ings, are be-ing blessed at this moment, to be included as some of the first of this new Millinennum to be honored and addressed and honored for your interest and flexibilities and intellegence and open-mindedness for ALL. Several Of You Will Read This In Admiration. Several Of You Will read this as that of an angelic be-ing communicating with you and you And You, If You Wish. several of you will read
this if the absolute correct INTENT of ALL that is holy and CAPITALIZED, Initial Capitals. You, Who Are NEEDED At This Time, will notice that those be-ings mentioned above, are trying and willing and loving and immediate to your present and your immediate future. many of you, who are NECESSARY To The Whole and the holy, are sincere in your in-looks. your out-looks are causing Those, Who Are NECESSARY To The Whole ONLY, to be interested in space and possibly aliens, probably of the scientific types only, BUT at least interested. you, who are never, ever interested in such, should NOT be on these pages but else where! you, who doubt these words are nevertheless, are reading these words Now, however, you should re-consider where these anomolies are coming from. you should re-consider where these fluxuations in radio waves and tuning are coming from: Nature? Are You Sure? could it be that those mentioned above are swift be-ings, who NEED to have you contact them, so that you are aware of your actions and not just dreaming or hallucinating? who are we? what are we? why are we here? more to come at a future Time and Place love and peace and ALL that is holy and the highest