Subj: [earthchanges] We are being duped....Again
Date: 12/31/99 8:55:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: "earthman"

Picture this, You are standing on the roof of a eight story carpark in
Downtown Auckland, on the eve of the millennium,with a hundred other people.
The band Split Enz counts down to 2000 ...3, 2, 1, Two red disc appear in
the sky, but you don't notice them. What you notice are the frightened looks
of the other people looking beyond you. You turn already sensing the fear.
You see the two discs, they move to the left and then descend at an acute
angle. The crowd on the roof top moves back in fear,
By then, the fireworks had started from behind you,and while thousands if
not millions of people focus on the big bangs and pyrotechnics, the red
discs make their landings. One of them lands on a Naval ship anchored in the
So what is strange about this is the timing. These guys appeared at exactly
12, and the fireworks were a couple of seconds late.So they must be Time
synchronised. Time travellers.
Some of the fireworks even resembled the UFO's, but had smoke tails.
Possible decoys.
So a thought. If you wanted a mass landing in major cities then what better
way than during the celebrations of the milli.
That could explain the strong military presence. The Hoax of the Millennium
was the bug, but they needed a damn good excuse to have all of the hardware
So if it ain't 2000 yet and you are in a major city, don't watch the
fireworks, watch the skies around you and the ships in the harbour.

My son and his friends are still in a state of shock. They have seen
something that has altered their perspective of life. They now don't think I
am crazy LOL