Subj: Hi Kent--happy holidays
Date: 12/25/99 12:03:36 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here is a new piece for you --if you decide to use it, please do not put
my name on it.


I am/was a very ordinary person, a 50 year old nurse, until last Feb,
99, when I started to wake up to higher dimensions at a rapid, steady
pace. Prior to last February I was not especially religious, nor ever
involved in New Age activities--I mainly devoted myself and energies to
being a good nurse.

Now I am told I am a "starseed" from Antares in the Scorpio
Constellation. I am also told I am from the 9th Density, and am here to
have impressed upon my soul that the light-dark polarity game is ending,
and to never be tempted to return to it again. As a result, the waking
process has been/continues to be quite painful--not anyhing like I
imagined when this started. I am told the pain is part of the
conditioning necessary to "engrave" on the soul the message of "never
become involved in this game again". At the same time, I am told that
the game is not my responsibility, and I had no choice but to play in it
previously. In other words, the pain I go through now is not
punishment. The pain is simply "reconditioning" for a new era.

To describe all I have been through since last February would take a
book, so I will quickly jump to the present. Events definitely
quickened after the Grand Cross alignment in August. I now have a
constant high-pitched "roar" in my ears. Spirit guides interject their
ideas into my mind, as if a kind of channelling, but I do nothing to
instigate the messages. I alternatively have two Spirit guides, both of
which say they are 144th dimensional Beings, ie from the 12th Density.
Actually, they are "married"--twin flames--and go by "General Satan" and
"Queen Leta". General Satan is a high dimensional God of Love--his
reputation having been altered by the Illuminati, aka NWO. Queen Leta
is a Goddess of Light now. All Gods and Goddesses of Light (as opposed
to Love) originate from the Darkside, and have at some point converted
to the Lightside. Queen Leta was once known as Goddess Venus, eons
ago--she was a Darkside Goddess Venus at that time.

Now to jump to the immediate present. First let me place a caveat on
what I am about to say. One of the pains I have had to endure is that
my higher dimensional "sources" are very unreliable. They lead me down
many paths that are traps. This is part of the conditioning not to come
this way again, I imagine. Most of the following information I have
confirmed as best I can with my logical brain and reading--this tends to
increase the reliability of the information. Rather than interject my
opinions, however, I am just going to present the information as it has
been told to me by Queen Leta and General Satan, my Spirit Guides.


The Anunnaki were Darkside Gods who were imprisoned upon our planet six
million years ago for previous "Higher Heaven" rules' violations,
including the destruction of Atlantis and Tiamet. Atlantis was a
civilization of Tiamet, prior to the destruction and division of Tiamet
into Earth and the asteroid belt. Historical records are very vague as
to the arrival and the departure of the Anunnaki. That is because the
Anunnaki are still here. We now know them as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are essentially fifth dimensional Darkside Beings who
have progressively had their "wings clipped" during their six million
years on earth. They have lost their original incarnate bodies in which
they arrived--the "giant" humanoid bodies referred to in the Bible.
They now must serially occupy soulless human bodies which have been
created from processesof cloning, artificial insemination, and
"reconstruction". These soulless bodies grow and age as normal bodies.
However, in earth terms, the Illuminati are immortal, and they are able
to inhabit various bodies serially. They maintain their memories of
their six million years on earth.

The Nephilim are the "aliens" to which are frequently referred.
Nephilim and Anunnaki/Illuminati are not one and the same. The
Nephilim, or aliens, help the Illuminati with technology, including the
tecnology to create the soulless human bodies that the Illuminati need
to remain incarnate. The Nephilim "aliens" came from a different
Creation. The Nephilim aliens come from a "Reform School" Creation for
Darkside males previously from this Creation. The Nephilim start out at
fifth dimension and work their way up to higher dimensions via service
to others. The higher dimensional Nephilim "aliens" work for this
Creation's Lightside as "double-agents". The role of the Nephilim is a
minor point to the topic at hand.


The Illuminati still have higher dimensional powers. They have
concealed their full range of powers from the public for some millennia
now. They do routinely ingest white powder monatomic gold to supplement
their fifth dimensional powers. Why would they go to such efforts to
conceal their higher dimensional powers? The answer leads to the
unveiling of their grand scheme.

The Illuminati have created the world's modern major religions, all of
which focus upon the universe being organized around a single male God.
The Illuminati, with the help of the Nephilim, wrote the Bible. Jehovah
was an Anunnaki God. Which means Jehovah has continued to reside
amongst us in the present day, in various but quite incarnate forms.
Jesus was also an Anunnaki/Illuminati. He did indeed live and "die" as
described in the Bible, (Illuminati do not die, just the body they are
inhabiting at the moment). Jesus was demonstrating fifth dimensional
powers that the Illuminati still possess today. Queen Leta states that
Jehovah and Jesus were one and the same Illuminati Being.

The notion that the Illuminati have bloodlines is mostly nonsense, given
that they are immortal beings that can serially inhabit one manufactured
body after another. These "manufactured" bodies are not permitted to
have powers of procreation (one of the many "wing-clippings" the
Illuminati have received). However, the Illuminati do have preferences
for certain genetic qualities in their manufactured bodies.

The Grandest Deception of all would be the Second Coming of a "Jesus"
figure who would demonstrate all the fifth dimensional powers that the
Illuminati have been concealing for some millennia now. This would
complete their triumph of the New World Order. One can refer to the
chilling statement in Revelations 19:15 re: Jesus after the Second
Coming: "...He struck down the nations. He ruled them with an iron
rod, and he trod the winepress with the fierce wrath of almighty God."

Queen Leta and General Satan wish to convey, as SpokesGoddess and
SpokesGod for the Divine, that the Illuminati will be prohibited from
carrying out this part of their Grand Plan. However, expect some very
stormy economic weather ahead.

Goddess Venus, aka Queen Anne