Date: 12/28/99 8:52:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

I have been noticing an increasing feeling of irritability for the past few weeks. Also changes in sleep patterns and increased dream activity (mostly nightmares).

At first I just brushed it off as the "Christmas Blues".....but then I started listening to those around me. Friends and people at work all started talking about the same feelings and complaining about not being able to sleep soundly. I also noticed that the number of reckless drivers seems to be drastically increasing. People in stores, at work, etc., seem to be short-tempered.....even those who are usually cool and calm in all situations.

About a week ago I started doing a meditation each morning in which I surround myself with an "egg" of pure white light. On the exterior of this light I place a protective shielding which will not allow any negative or harmful energies to penetrate it. Since I began doing this meditation each day I feel much better. Calmer, better humor and much more patient. I am also sleeping better.

I hope this helps couldn't hurt!!! :)