Subj: CME impact beginning - Severe mag storm may be starting
Date: 2/11/00 4:40:28 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (New Millennium)
To: (Newmill)

The CME (actually two) that I had sent the bulletin out regarding, is
beginning to impact the Earth. Just within the past hour (0000 UTC) the
magnetometer readings at the ACE craft and at the GOES satellites have
experienced an extremely sharp interplanetary shock wave (IPS) with the
readings beginning to go into extreme flux.

Even the Proton readings here at Earth are climbing, possibly indicative
of a major to severe CME impact. The Proton storm that began yesterday
at ACE has increased steadily... In fact even before the impact began,
the chart had to be lifted (another higher category added) to
accommodate the very high Proton readings ... then the actual impact
started and the readings are even topping out on the new yet higher
version of the chart.

This could signal the beginning of a very intense magnetic event.
Planetary magnetism readings were already unsettled to active, which
suggests that once the planetary magnetism readings begin to reflect
this event, they will likely go into storm levels and perhaps severe
storm levels.

Should major to severe storm levels occur, there is IMO a chance for
enhanced seismic and volcanic activity, rapidly intensifying storm
systems (such as the one coming onto the west coast of the US this
evening), radio transmission problems, GPS ghosting, electrical
anomalies and malfunctions, and possibly even behavioral anomalies in
animals as well as mankind. Person who suffer from migraines and bipolar
disorder may experience a very rough time of it during such an event.

Subj: Severe Proton storm underway

Date: 2/11/00 4:44:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (New Millennium)

To: (Newmill)

Here is the link to the near real-time Proton readings from the ACE craft.

Note that the top level was added today just to accomodate the elevated readings and even that new level is now being surpassed. Based on my three years of observing these events, this is highly unusual and is more typical of a massive Proton flare than a CME impact.