Subj: synchronicity
Date: 12/28/99 10:40:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Over the past two years, I have experienced more truly synchronous events than
I can count. They seem to come in clusters, and never fail to leave me with a very
eerie sensation that seems at once foreign but familiar as well. Most are relatively
obscure, but some, like envisioning my roomate in a neighborhood altercation, then
having him recant the whole scenario to me when I got home, are down-right chilling.
I feel that if this is happening to me then it must be happening to many people,
and web sites like this one seem to bear that out. The cause of this phenomenon
could be one of a number of things- alien intervention, ascension, a form of evolution,
or the intervention of the shadow government. It is alledged that a telepathy-inducing
drug exists, and perhaps its in the best interests of our rulers to have us experience
this sensation in order to better facilitate a fake ascention or Maitreia-coming.
At any rate, I'm hoping the Mayans were right, and I'm meditating on and praying
for our ascent up and out of this myopic muck before the overlords ratchet us down
with implants, ELF, and even worse dance music than we've ever had to endure.
So, its wax for the ears, flowers for the soul, and a lead-lined roof overhead.