Appreciation to John Quinn and Ron Hannivig both helping us by locating supportive evidence and theory regarding radar anomalies and related matters.

Lately there has been a real firestorm of debate around the anomalous radar rings. I've been been really busy with emails on the subject. Since 1/18/2000 we have seen nine such rings recently over the Pine Ridge Reservation alone:



1. My latest thinking is that PERHAPS our electromagnetic "sea" is being kicked-up by wave propagation "additive" signals coming in from other covert sources, some of them based in military domestic transmissions, some coming from ducted over-the-horizon scalar waves, which can now seemingly be originated from anywhere on the earth. The NEXRAD-based weather applications seem to carry these extra signatures, like wind can be seen blowing across a still pond. We didn't witness these anomalies prior to March, 1998, a clue, what changed then?

To see how wave transmission might work look at:

The Transmission of Wave through Dense media -- Reflection and Refraction

2. Of most importance NEXRAD itself should be investigated in terms of how the signals are transmitted, different power levels, phased signatures, cadences and pulsations. Who has their hand on the NEXRAD baton? Can NEXRAD towers, all of them, be manipulated from a central podium? Think of the possibilities, an orchestra of EM harmonics being played in tune or in cacophony?

Looks like the Air Force is advertising a position for such a concert master:


Changed 30 Apr 99)

1. Specialty Summary. Manages, supervises, and performs electromagnetic

spectrum management activities. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 201."

Gosh, that would be a fun job. Where do I apply?

And a potential radar concert master might have great force at his direction. Look at the Alabama ring, 1/22/2000. The ring encircles the much of the Southeast. POWERFUL, for whatever reason--intrinsic or outside-interference.

Prior deployment there were many NEXRAD-antagonists, worried about environmental and health impact. I recollect a TV show, I think, Montel Williams, where one tech said that they were warned to stay away from the NEXRAD antenna when they begin transmitting in fear of being "smoked."

3. Furthermore there might be in the works an awesome new tech as expressed by Dr. Tom Bearden, re, "Super-potential Theory, " which involves some kind of transmission that goes through space-time beyond the Hertz-theory altogether.


"That last paper was used to establish what today is called Super Potential Theory and very few people work in it but it's known. The first paper was completely ignored and it gave you the ability... to create energy at a distance. It does not flow through space as normal EM [electro magnetic] Waves. It's not ELF [extremely low frequency]. It's not like your normal radio broadcasting system at all. It's really like a DC voltage that doesn't have anything going on on the surface but down underneath it has pressure waves, and the pressure waves bang into the system on the other end and create real electromagnetic energy on that end. Putting it simply... there's no such thing as a shield for it."

Image on sat:


4. Additionally, investigators might want to reference:



1. scroll down to IPELS, click

2. scroll down to "Posters", click

3. look for "Enhanced Current Collection Characteristics of the Tethered Satellite System Missions: Prospects for Laboratory Simulation" by Gilchrist, Stone, Raitt, Thompson, Bonifzai, Dobrowolny, Laframboise, and Gallimore.

4. Also, the other poster to look for is: "Observations of Enhanced Plasma Lines in HF Ionospheric Modification Experiments and their Interpretation" by Hagfors, Isham and Mishin.

These papers support each other, and should both be read.

5. To get a range of what we are seeing you might want to take a look at:

Are we also seeing the spoor of Project BLUE BEAM?


Aside from the intrinsic dangers of our existing known radar technologies, I think we might have good guys and bad guys in this wave-propagation weapons-scenario: possible rogue elements located in many positions around the world hitting us with Tesla-style transmissions, as well as friendly elements trying to do catch-up on this scalar-weapons development with the goal of erecting a shield based on similar tech. Trouble is, both the good guys and the bad guys are playing hell on the environment.

Other questions: do these powerful bursts from the sun bonk into the wave pool?

Also wild as it seems could there be an extraterrestrial element: are we getting zapped from "other sources" in space?

All in all we have a real electromagnetic mess affecting both earth and consciousness and my poor brain to boot.

Kent Steadman

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Subject: NINTH Radar Anomaly at Pine Ridge

John, et al.

>>> Re: DATE: 1/30/00 11:54 PM - NINTH Radar Anomaly at Pine Ridge

10:15 AM EST: Ninth radar anomaly seen over Pine Ridge since 1/18/00

All of them:

Ninth: <<<

Got more "smoking guns" shown here. For example: The US Navy's
Communication Base at Jim Creek, Washington appears to have been fired-up in
two specific instances, as clearly evidenced on the above-cited web sites.

Keep in mind that these sequences are being incremented at half hour
intervals - and therefore, what's actually occurring during their interim ...
and the duration of the event/s must be interpolated. However, it would
surely stand to reason that we are not viewing instantaneous events ... but
they are apparently prolonged in duration - and therefore, must be emitting,
inciting ... and exciting a tremendous amount of potential (energy).

Whatever ... the emitting sources are clearly traceable - a simple fact that
would surely make one wonder if those responsible have any shame in what they
are evidently doing.

Further, we only have access to the proverbial "tip of the iceberg", given
the most likely possibility that we have been viewing censored material ...
but censored so quickly that enough evidence has slipped through.

The US Navy's Communication Base at Jim Creek, Washington:

10:15 AM EST ... and again at 10:45 AM EST on 30/Jan/00 - shown in the S.W.
corner of Nebraska (below Scottsbluff) was clear evidence of a manmade spike
.. which, when traced back to a known potential source (a known Tesla/HAARP
E/M-P Tx facility) - the spike pointed directly toward the well secluded US
Navy's Jim Creek facility located in the mountainous wilderness region of
northern Washington State.

Furthermore: 1:15 AM ... and again at 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM EST on 28/Jan/00 -
there was an extremely unusual image seemingly "burned into" the screen,
located half way between the Jim Creek, WA facility and the one at Mountain
Home, Idaho.

The following text addresses a recent weird event within this "burned into"
Date: 12/18/99 10:33:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Milton Freewater, Ore.

Last night we had a severe storm, a "witch" storm I believe, totally
unpredicted by the weather gurus--sideways rain, howling winds, etc.!
This is Dec.; we are supposed to have snow and ice here if anything, not
this stuff, NOT this time of year. The god awful explosions were not up in
the air like normal thunder would be. They were as if they were everywhere,
meaning "in the very air itself," at ground level and above, it made us kneel
down every time we were hit, real powerful matey! It was like a physical
blow to the body, you could not keep your eyes open when these hit. Many
powerful lighting-like (non-lighting) flashes throughout this event. After
the largest of these unbelievable bangs, everything became blue. HUH ?
Yes, BLUE, the TV, stove, dogs (who were just shivering), walls, my
wife, me, everything was a brilliant and beautiful blue, quite profound.
(No purple microdot from the seventies was ever this good or able to
produce such an amazing effect as this, ha, ha !) After that the storm
stopped as if a switch had been thrown, bang, stopped cold! The blue
vision started to fade about 2 minutes after that. All was still, within
ten minutes the temps went from 40-42 degrees to 60 + ! No winds at all.
At that time my sister called me, she did not know what we were
experiencing here, she lives about 70 miles away, far from the mtns, in
the Columbia Basin. She said she called because she could see a large
dome shaped "BLUE bubble (for lack of better words) over the area where
I am and wondered if we were all right. (Storm warnings were going off
like crazy on the tube). Another dome (just like the one over me) she
told me was placed right over the Hanford (Rattlesnake Mtn.) Nuclear
reservation. She said the one over me was moving real fast, agitated,
the one over Hanford was not moving at all, stationary. Only after our's
here disappeared did the other blue dome begin to move some. Later
simply vanishing from sight. What could possibly be the "blue"
connection about all this since she also saw this from her "in-between"
(about 50 to 70 miles from her either way) position of these two blue,
spheres. One last note, other effects were noticed, but I won't go into
those now, they could be just effects of the moment on me. Yer quite
busy Kent, no need to reply, just a report for the Orbit crew to log in
it's ever growing list of odd events. (Went to your page this morning
and saw the Soviet scalar weapon stuff and the weird weather ripples
over NW, as always ya got'em in your crosshairs again methinks). Good
cheer and all that, now buckle up for impact.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- AND

12/18/99 5:01:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Re: The "Storm" report

Last night, on a just-before closing trip to the hardware store, I noted
several distinct white flashes in the general direction of Milton-Freewater,
Or. These stood out in my mind at the time, but it wasn't until reading your
published report today that I recalled them. Unfortunately the "domes"
weren't apparent to me, although I was only 20 miles from Rattlesnake
Mountain and a couple hundred yards from the edge of the Hanford Nuclear
reservation. The weather here in the Tri-Cities, WA was not especially
notable, although winds have been very strong and temperatures quite warm for
this time of year.

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From: Ronald T. Hannivig, 76513.1730
TO: Jjjjj,

DATE: 12/23/99 5:55 PM

RE: Copy of: Milton Freewater, OR - Re: 11re68.htm


Took me less than five minutes to figure out what could well have happened
near Milton Freewater, Oregon - once I got to my maps.

The Milton Freewater, OR (Oregon) vicinity appears to fall upon a common
great arc alignment ... more or less exactly half way between two known
HAARP/Tesla E/M P Tx sites - one at Jim Creek, Washington ... the other, at
Mountain Home, Idaho.

When two such aligned Tx sites play with the Scalar Effect, theory has it
that the realized effect can produce levitation at the target (located at the
center of the two Tx sites). In other words, when the two Tx site fire at
each other the effect realized at the center is truly unique.

Was out west in early August (1999) - and past just south of Milton
Freewater, OR on the Interstate (I-84) on my way back home. Interesting is
the fact that the Intestates (I-84 and I-82 on the Washington side) sort of
runs parallel with the stated alignment out of Mountain Home, Idaho. Drove
through this region during the early afternoon of a beautiful day ... and
therefore, got to experience the uniqueness of countryside.

By the way: The historic Oregon Trail sort of weaves alongside the
Interstate as it passes through the Umatilla Indian Reservation and the
Umattila National Forest adjacent to the eastern border of the Reservation
.. which would be within 25 miles of Milton Freewater, OR.

I should also note that Milton Freewater is approx. six miles from the
Washington border ... and 12 miles from the town of Walla Walla, WA, and is
very open country.

The cited: "Tri-Cities, WA" are Pasco-Kennewich-Richland ... which are
clustered along the banks of the Columbia River, and would be nearly 40 miles
NW by W of where the effect was realized.

RonHannivig, Simpson, PA Stop ////
Continue ////

Trusting this evaluation will assist in the understanding of what's going
down ... and why.

One thing is for sure. Those in control definitely are not acting in The
People's interest ... but are using this awesome Tesla/HAARP technology
against us, as evidenced in last week's back-to-back snow and ice storms in
the deep south. Please keep in mind that this same technology can surely be
implemented to breakup patterns of weather ... and therefore, what we now
have evidence of is that the technology is actually being used as a weapon of
mass destruction against The American People ... our personal, and our common

Right now, I'm literally snowed in and will have to dig myself out.
Therefore, I am taking this matter personal ... moreover, I will "be pissed"
when I have to fuel up my vehicle with diesel ... that would likely be
selling at over $US 2.00 per gal. by the time I get myself dug out.

RonHannivig, Simpson, PA