Subj: Life Changes
Date: 12/29/99 12:26:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

About a year ago I was driving my car, as part of my normal working day when suddenly I felt very lonely and depressed and I started to cry. Not the normal thing for a 43 year old married man to do. In my mind I could see a bright sunny day. Blue sky, white fluffy clouds, birds swirling in the sky. I could see a man, his clothes in tatters, he was standing bare foot on some waterlogged grass. Infront of him was a vast expanse of water, it appeared that he was looking out to sea. As I looked more closely at this figure with long grey hair and a beard I realised that it was me. I could not identify where I was stood because no matter how hard I tried I could not turn round to look behind me. I have had this dream about 5 times now, it seems to have left me much more emotional for some reason.