Date: 1/29/00 1:20:28 PM Pacific Standard Time


As far as a harmony-only approach, again, who is the master banjo-picker, who is the harmony-monitor?

In the 1930s a whole generation of well-meaning German-youth, the Wondervogel, gave up the task of political-protest against over-industrialization and the control of life by the power-mongers.

They sought harmony and self-realization, migrating into the Alps for peace and quiet, retreating to remote centers, following gurus.

They played music, meditated, smiled alot, professed enlightenment and....HARMONY

While this massive self-realization movement was underway, Hitler, himself a mystic, rounded up all the bikers and took over downtown Berlin. It was easy, no resistance, a whole generation, his peers, were up in the mountains chanting.

Now we wouldn't want that to happen again would we?


I see no brick wall between the inner and outer. Going within is similar to a spiral toward the light, passing through many layers or veils, many awesome planes. The Cosmos is infinite and all visions and dreams are viable. "At the basis of matter is mind."-- Lorentz, Einstein's guru.

Many years ago during the Eisenhower days, I walked away from the empirical sciences in chase of the Muses. I did not like the wee Newtonian peephole. I also did not want to do what the elders of science had planned for me, to work for the state, to make weapons of mass destruction.

As an artist I must challenge all institutions, all strict formulas, belief systems and formalized systems of spirituality. I am unafraid to do the promenade with devils/angels--on the way out, or in.

As far as channeling: I feel that life itself is channeling. We are 3D vessels piping the life force.

For myself, true conscience is found at the source of life, it is not a formula, not describable, not an array of rights and wrongs, simply pure light. Been there, wasn't easy.

Kent Steadman