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 Solar wind blows some of Earth's atmosphere into space.  Polar spacecraft measures "auroral fountain" flowing out as solar wind flows in.

Dec. 8, 1998: Residents of the far north who saw a massive display of the aurora borealis in late September were also staring through an invisible fountain of gas being accelerated into space . . .Quicktime Movie

Considerations Re Alleged Fatima Revelations

In order to read this discussion you should first read the attached post from Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Now I have read several previous web site posts alleging to contain the third revelations of Fatima - mainly without enthusiasm for their correctness !!!

However the story outlined below by Battros caught my imagination and led me to thinking about possible mechanisms for just such a scenario ........................

Firstly take a good look at Kent Steadman's Cyber Orbit site
orbit/orbit.html to see what a recent Solar
CME did to Mercury's "atmosphere".

It is quite possible that this sort of "Mercury Zapping" mechanism could also
happen to the Earth. What would it look like to us from the ground ???

Probably a huge flash of blue-white light followed by a fiery halo around the Earth
and a fiery tail seen streaming out away from Earth into space. The actual fire
will be our outer atmosphere at very high altitude being ionized into
plasmas by the incoming high flux density CME proton wave and being
partially stripped off into space. It will be unlikely to remove all but a
fraction of the atmosphere.....................

BUT the full range of potential effects on us are unknown. Since we do have
an atmosphere and as it can be argued that such CME sourced events have
probably happened periodically through time then obviously they do not
normally remove all of our atmosphere - or we wouldn't be having this
discussion !!!

However it might also be argued that very high flux energy Solar CME strikes
on planets such as Earth are very rare and that they could be very
catastrophic in their effects. Thus Mar's and/or Venus's present atmospheres
might be as a result of such a severe CME strike, and the asteroid belt might
be due to a CME hitting the "fifth" planet and causing it to experience such rapid
rotational instability that it fragmented - as opposed to the comet impact
theory ???

I suspect that this type of high flux CME event is what flips the Earth's
magnetic field from North to South. Whether it could flip the planetary
rotation axis or alter the angle of rotation against the ecliptic plane I do
not know for certain - but see below for discussion of a possible mechanism.

There is mythological, historical, scientific, and Middle-East sundial
location evidence that strongly suggests that both of these rotational
effects have been previously experienced by the early human population of
the Earth. Reportedly there was a time when the Sun use to rise in the west
and set in the east, and Middle Eastern sundials built prior to a certain
date no longer work in their current location - a study of this has led to
the conclusion the Earth's rotational axis relative to the plane of the
ecliptic has moved by some significant angle in the not too distant historical past ................

As an incoming high flux CME proton wave compresses the Earth's magnetic
field against the Earth with a long tail streamer away from our planet -
opposite the Sun - we can expect electromagnetic coupling between the wave
and the Earth's geomagnetic field. The result is severe electromagnetic eddy
currents circulating in the Earth plus other effects such as a slowing down
of the speed of rotation and attempting to move the axis of rotation, plus
some very severe super storm activity on the planets surface, plus increased
volcanism and earthquake activity.

An analogy you can try at home is a bit like hitting a running toy electric motor
with a nearby strong permanent magnet. If you try this you will get severe humming
(eddy currents) and motor speed disruption, plus a combination of electro-magnetic
coupling and gyroscopic forces that immediately try to change the position of the
rotating electric motor core wrst it's base with quite violent movements of the system.

Geophysicists have observed minor short term changes such as a very minor
slowing of the Earth rotation speed and minor wobbles of the Earth's
rotational axis after average periodic CME wave-Earth Magnetic Field
interaction . Presumably a really big high flux CME wave could cause much
larger effects which might couple back against the actual Earth's magnetic
field generating mechanism so hard that it becomes unstable and flips
totally over. A really big CME wave could presumably cause severe changes in
the rotation speed and possibly in the rotation angle against the ecliptic
plane. There are several theories that attempt to explain these magnetic
pole reversals but the external Solar CME wave theory looks quite promising
as a possible cause.

The Earth's magnetic field is generally thought to be caused by processes
involving rotation of the Earth's Inner (Nickel-Iron ?) Core, but in truth there are many
outpoints with such a theory and in fact the origin and distribution of the
Earth's magnetic field are not really understood !!!

Our planet has probably undergone this type of interaction with the SUN and
huge CME wave output many times before and it and most of it's life forms
are still here !!! However we know there have been several apparent life
extinction events (that did NOT kill ALL life forms). Paleontologists argue
over whether such extinctions occurred in an "instant" or over a relatively
"short" period of geological time of the order of hundreds of thousands or a
couple of million years. Currently it is in popular press vogue to invoke
comet or meteor impacts to explain major Earth wide extinction events
however many other possible theories exist and are hotly debated amongst
geologists and paleontologists.

Now a series of mega CME - Earth coupling type events acting over tens of
years or longer might foot the gradual extinction requirements ???

A study of remnant volcanic rock magnetism reveals that the Earth's field
has flipped over frequently for hundreds of millions of years - as an
irregular time series of varying intervals at periodicities of the order of
thousands of years. Thus if major Solar CME wave output is the cause of
magnetic pole reversals then these occur too often and do not normally appear
to have any major impact upon the Earth's life forms - except in isolated cases.

Extinction events are very rare events with "periodic" time series being of the
order of tens -hundreds of millions of years.

I place periodic in quotation marks
since although geologists try to look at Earth events in terms of cyclic periodicities
those involving mass extinctions do not reasonably actually fit any kind of periodicity and
are in fact very rare isolated non-periodic events. The Earth's present life
forms - including our human ancestors - have already experienced many magnetic
pole reversals. Most of the planets evolutionary chain of life forms have
experienced regular Earth magnetic field reversals during our 600 million
year history - apparently usually with zero ill effects.

But there is some evidence that major extinctions do correlate with specific magnetic
field reversals - as if some reversals are uniquely severe in their effects upon life
support systems across the planet.

However the exact same "normal" CME mechanism but as a CME mega-wave could
on very rare occasions have been responsible for much larger effects on the planet.

These could have involved major changes to the rotational speed and the
angle of the rotation axis wrst the ecliptic plane. Such major effects would
have undoubtably been associated with severe and catastrophic effects on the planet
including mega earth quakes, mountain building, severe volcanism, major
continental plate disruption, tidal waves, and severe life form habitat
changes, and resultant major extinctions.

I am very tempted to postulate that varying solar CME output and it's coupling with the
Earth's magnetic Field causing resultant changes of rotational speed and rotation
axis shift is THE driving force behind all manner of Earth's geological processes.

Thus CME output could be said to fit the concept of Uniformitarianism but it's actions could
at times be extremely Catastrophic !!!

So what is causing the new high energy CME output from the SUN ???

One theory advanced by Prof. Alexey N. Dmitriev is that the entire Solar System is moving
on it's orbit around the galactic centre into an area of highly charged space and that this is
affecting the behaviour of the Sun AND that of the electrosphere's of all the planets.

Now data being presented on the Millennium Group web site does suggest that
the recent huge and anomalous Solar CME output is related to the close
orbital capture by the SUN of a large body (orbiting between Mercury and the
Sun) termed "ORCA". ORCA is believed by the Millennium Group guys to be a
large fragment of Hale-Bopp's cometary train. Remember the controversy over
the "companion" to Hale-Bopp.

I personally prefer the old French astronomers name for a body orbiting close
into the SUN - VULCAN. Although his sightings were subsequently thoroughly
discredited by his peers back in the Victorian era. It would appear that such
captures by the SUN of comets and other bodies might be a regular type of
event and that eventually they are destroyed by falling into the SUN - allowing one's
"Peers" to deny your observational accuracy !!!

The bigger the body, it's closeness to the SUN, or the larger it's
electrical charge separation wrst the SUN might influence the size and
length of time for the development of mega CME's.

The Vatican got really interested in comet Hale-Bopp when it arrived in the
Solar System and reportedly got direct NASA Hubble Telescope observation
feed to the Pope, plus set up it's own astronomical observatory to look
solely at Hale-Bopp. This interest could well relate to part of the original
Fatima message foretelling of the arrival of just such a comet (during this
Popes lifetime) just prior to the Bigger predicted events discussed in the
attached article - a sort of pre-SIGN sign ....................

Apparently VULCAN-ORCA and the SUN are interrelating in very odd ways and every
so often the SUN lets loose a huge CME wave that jets across the solar
system hitting anything in it's path. You have not heard about VULCAN-ORCA
in the regular press - this is quite anomalous and suggests someone is
trying to keep the lid on this developing scenario. NASA keeps interfering
with the SOHO satellite feed of continuous images of the SUN - (shutting it
down with all manner of spin doctor excuses) - just when VULCAN-ORCA
appears, or when some new highly anomalous sign of energy discharge
inter-reaction occurs between VULCAN-ORCA and the SUN or nearby orbiting
planets etc.

However sufficient images have gotten free from SOHO for us to
observe all manner of amazing electrical energy events involving massive
Solar CME wave and beam output following interaction between the SUN and

SOHO has also observed huge CME discharges following immediately
from the impact of two small comets into the SUN - something NASA claims was
purely co-incidental and not related to the impact. As George Orwell said
THEY will try to convince you that 2 + 2 = 5 ..................

Our recent exotic heavy planetary weather is almost certainly a response to
the increasing power of intermittent CME energy waves hitting the Earth
upsetting the "normal" solar energy driven "weather machine energy flow

It is now certain that there is a system of high electrical charge
difference between the SUN and other bodies of the Solar System - much like
the plates of a capacitor. The Solar System's orbiting bodies and incoming
comets are not only influenced by gravity but by electrical energy flows as
well, in fact the only way to accurately predict incoming cometary paths is
to take account of both gravitational and electrical effects.

There is a huge energy exchange out from the SUN in the form of proton wind
CME discharges towards orbiting bodies or incoming comets etc. with electron
flow back to the SUN from the orbiting body or incoming comet.

The SUN is the electrical centre of this system - one plate if you like of the capacitor.

Bodies such as comets arriving from outside of our Solar System
can have very large electrical charge differences relative to the SUN. A
comet is NOT a dirty snowball but is a lump of dark rock surrounded by a
plasma of ions - energized by the Solar Capacitor output from the Sun.

The comet plasma lights up much like a bug entering between the plate grid of a
common electrical bug zapper. The comet's long tail is NOT due to the main
body of ice generating a tail of water/gas vapour etc. that streams away when
heated by the SUN. There IS an electron flow from the nose of the comet to
the Sun and the tail consists of charged dust fragments caught up in an
electrical inflow towards the comet - which acts rather like a vacuum
cleaner in it's passage through space.

Close orbital proximity of such charged bodies and the SUN or any other
Solar System member (such as in the case of VULCAN-ORCA and the SUN) will
cause major electrical discharges from the SUN as the system attempts to
settle the charge disparity.

I believe there is eye-witness evidence for similar charge equalization electrical
discharge between incoming fireballs and other space origin bodies and our Planet.
Many recent fireball sightings of definite ex-space high altitude incoming bright objects
include an eyewitness description of massive flashes of bright blue-white light -
"like lightning". That is precisely what they are. ie. lightning discharge from the Earth
to the incoming body - or visa versa. The process being caused by the huge charge
separation between the bodies being "shorted out to Earth ground" in an attempt to
bring the system to equilibrium.

Such electrical discharge precedes the eventual (possibly explosive) break up of the
central core of space rock as it superheats during collision with the lower dense atmosphere
around which the charged EM plasma is nucleated.

This type of scenario could help explain why in the 1908 Tunguska Event in Siberia the
50km radius of pine trees were first broken asunder then ignited by a blast of radiation.

In essence a massive lightning strike from the Tunguska Fireball struck the ground causing
disruption of the pine trees limbs, this was followed after a few micro-seconds by a huge wave
of hot radiation travelling at the speed of light from the explosion of the fireball rock nucleus,
which was itself followed at the speed of sound by the final concussion blast wave that
flattened 50km radius of pine trees.

The Space Shuttle requires discharging after it's return from orbit. A large electrical charge builds
up on the craft's external surfaces - somewhat like that annoying static electricity build up on your
car during long dry journeys. This is as a result of passage through belts of charged particles and
friction with atmospheric particles upon re-entry. Imagine the sort of jolt an astronaut could get when
stepping out of his "car" and touching the ground - he would be "spontaneously combusted" !!!

Why does NASA act to keep the lid on this electrical scenario with as much spin-doctoring and
subterfuge as originally employed by the "Holy" Roman Church over matters like Marco Polo's
expeditions (he was thrown incommunicado in jail) and the secrets of New World Navigation methods
and charts ???

I have eagerly collected titbits of secret info for many years from persons connected
with the NASA space race - who divulged the odd secret in conversation.

I have long pondered on why certain items of scientific discovery made by early
satellites, Skylab, etc. were deemed to be held secret - "Of National
Security Implications". I believe from a synthesis of all this data that
NASA wants to keep secret the electrical nature of the Solar System and it's
interaction with charged bodies since it has enormous implications for space
drive systems and weapon systems.

There may be other aspects to their keen secretive nature - such as "aliens" etc.,
but their suppression of potential "matters militaire" seems to be the main issue.

There are several references in the literature to 1920's and 1930's era
scientists and back yard fiddlers coming up with evidence of thrust being
produced by systems involving essentially electrically charged capacitor
plates. Companies such as ESSO are reported to have bought out the
inventor(s). In the 1940's and 1950's Townsend-Brown was virtually held
prisoner by the US Government whilst he researched similar electrical
capacitance drive systems. Developments of his work are allegedly driving
the B-2 bomber.

UFO observers report various sightings in the sky from the USA, Australia, and Europe
- many of which suggest that there are operational and experimental
electro-gravitic engine drive space-planes running around our skies - presumably
of Western Military Industrial Complex - rather than little grey-green "Treen"
and "Mekong" alien design origin. Although derivation from crashed alien craft is a
possibility, I personally believe the evidence points to a more Earth bound mind as the
design source.

In my work "Bright Skies" I have detailed aspects of circum-planetary
defence EM pulse-beam weapons systems involving "VLF" Transmitters such
as those located along the circum-polar line of longitude running through
Exmouth in North-Western Australia, Aercibo in Puerto Rico,
and Cutler on the Atlantic coast of the state of Main, in North-Eastern USA.
Such EM Pulse weapons also create huge regional blue white light pulses in the
upper atmosphere or ionosphere when their Tesla Coil Energy Magnifying circuits
are energized. These events are not to be confused with the electrical energy
discharge of incoming charged bodies from space. .......

Obviously such information regarding the electrical nature of the Solar Capacitor
and it's interaction with the planets and the intervening space between, has
ramifications far beyond methods of electro-gravitic drive systems and reaches
right into the area of planetary "Free Energy" production. The great Tesla hinted about
aspects of this in his writings. Such knowledge could transform the entire power creation
game across planet Earth. Big Oil must have sleepless nights just contemplating what
could happen to their power base if word got out and new Solar Capacitor electrical
energy collection devices became commonplace.

NASA seems to have certain vested interests at heart that define it's behaviour in
withholding of data, and/or it's denial of many aspects of modern scientific discovery
in space.

Now going back to the Fatima Revelations - as described below. It is quite a
plausible scenario. But they will have to be quick because yet another
prediction has been made by a Finnish "Eco-Scientist" - see article attached
below for his gem !!! It is a race against drowning or burning .......

Last night the ABC in WA ran a remarkable BBC programme about the World
Eco-Green Movement - "Against Nature". In this programme the Greens claimed
to have stopped 300 World Bank major Dam-Reservoir-Hydroelectric schemes from
around the Planet in the interests of World ecological preservation. They
actually advocate a return to third World village economic practise for all of us
- along similar lines to those suggested by Presidential hopeful Al Gore in his recent book.

The local third world "natives" were generally and understandably very annoyed
at their loss of clean bug free drinking water, cheap electrical power, and zero
increase in their standard of living.

I understand there is considerable evidence for the "Friends of the Earth", and other Green
Movements being funded by Rockerfella and Sir James Goldsmith's money. It looks
as if Big Oil supports The Greens. I often wondered just why they were afflicted with
this incredible streak of altruism - possibly guilt I pondered ???

Obviously the Seven Sisters Big Oil are overjoyed that 300 potentially non
oil/gas burning power stations have been removed from the World scene

That helps put Rockerfella's et als interest with stopping the 300 major Third World
Dam projects in full perspective !!!

Come to think of it the incidents at Nuclear Power Stations and instances of sabotage
at same, coupled with the World wide stance of the Greens against Nuclear Power
have a similar ring to the World Dam scenario ....

The message to be found from all of this is :-
"That Nothing Much Changes on This Planet" - or rather :-
"Nothing much is allowed to Change on this Planet - by vested interest" ..........................

I sincerely hope that the Finn beats Fatima. We desperately need a big clean
out !!! My ark is ready .......

Best Regards,

Harry Mason


Melting ice caps will trigger a Second Great Flood!

Expert's dire warning

HELSINKI, Finland -- We are just one year away from a flood of
Noah's-ark proportions -- a flood that will destroy every man, woman
and child on the entire planet!

That's the horrifying word from noted physicist Dr. Hannu Ritvos who
-- along with 27 other scientists in 16 countries -- is urging
officials of every nation to take preventative action.

But his pleas are falling on deaf ears.

Dr. Ritvos and the other scientists, who specialize in the study of
global warming, say that recently developed technology reveals that
the ice masses at both the North and South Poles are melting at a rate
far faster than anyone previously believed.

If melting continues at this pace -- and there's no reason to believe
it will not -- all of Australia and major portions of South America
and Africa will be completely submerged in run- off from Antarctic ice
by September 2000.

Arctic waters will have covered Greenland, much of Canada and most of
Russia by that time. After that, the polar waters will converge
quickly until, by late November or early December, there will be no
dry land on Earth.

Dr. Ritvos says people have heard about global warning so much they
don't really listen anymore.

But this newly discovered evidence gives the phrase a deeper urgency.
The future of our planet depends on our taking notice -- now.

"We need to make this our No. 1 priority," Dr. Ritvos said.

"World leaders have been briefed, but they either don't take the
problem seriously or they're afraid worldwide panic would ensue if the
public were to learn about it.

"But whatever the reason, they're keeping people in the dark about it.

"We've always known that the ozone layer -- the 'ceiling' that
protects and cushions us from the sun's relentless heat -- has been
weakened by our reckless polluting of the air. There are holes in that
protective layer that are letting too many of the sun's rays through.

"We've also always known that these sun rays are causing the planet to
heat up and making the polar ice caps melt.

"What we didn't know until recently is just how rapidly this melting
is taking place."

Dr. Ritvos said his eyes were opened after studying data provided by a
photographic satellite called Radarsat. The Canadian-American space
vehicle was launched in late 1995, but it was only recently that
researchers have been able to interpret the radar images that Radarsat

A recent article in The New York Times presented some of the findings,
but Dr. Ritvos says that "the urgency of the problem was soft-peddled"
in the Times story.

"Satellite photographs of the Earth are nothing new," Dr. Ritvos says.

"But these radar photos show much more than ordinary cameras do.

"The pictures show that the world is in real trouble and we urge
people all over the world to write their nations' leaders to find a
solution -- fast!"

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The Third Secret Of Fatima Revealed?...01/25/00
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

What I am about to tell you may shock you, or it may leave you with a feeling of exhilaration. I have no doubt it will send a chilling shock wave through some in our society and perhaps that of other countries. For others, it is a time of celebration. I urge you to take caution with this content and remember what I have said all along..."Follow Your Truth, Not Mine Or Anyone Else". Seek And You Shall Find. Find What? Your Truth!

I have wrestled with the idea of... if...when...and disclose the information that has been bestowed upon me. I cannot tell you how humbled I feel, and I must say somewhat fearful. I want to present this in the most honored, respectful and selfless way. I cannot deny the turning of events that have occurred over the last few weeks have given gravity to my motivation. My decision in part, is related to the "secret meeting" between NASA and Russian space experts. I have come to the conclusion, now is the time for disclosure.

I have received information from someone who is somehow close to the Vatican. The less I know, the better. He has pleaded to remain anonymous for fear of being thrown out of the clergy. He came to me because he was aware of my request of information from the Vatican over a year ago, asking for information on the "Third Letter of Fatima". What I received back was more than I had hoped for.

I re-posted this letter last month:

Again, I want to reiterate, I believe all science, and in this case prophecy, should be held to the test of "subject conjecture" and should be seen as an interpretation of material. Having said this, I will disclose what has been sent to me.

Over 30 years ago, Conchita of Garabandal said the "Warning" will happen on a Thursday in April between the 8th & 16th of the month, within the lifetime of Joey Lomangino (now 65) [and before the end of the century according to many sources], on the feastday of a young martyr of the Eucharist & on the day of a great event in the Church.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message states "...This is a rejuvenating time but a time of cleansing from the ways of your self..."
This Jubilee year seems a perfect time...the Warning would be 04/13/2000. Mirjana of Medjugorge said her first secret, will not be worldwide, but will nonetheless serve to "shake us up". This "secret" might concern some catastrophic event prior to the "Miracle" as described at Garabandal (2nd secret?). Seemingly, the first 3 secrets and the Warning/Miracle must tie-in.

It has been prophesied John Paul II will be the last Pope before the end of time (as we know it) or "transition" is another specific and spectacular promise made at Garabandal. At the time of the apparitions of Garabandal, Pope Paul VI was Pope. Our Lady told the visionaries that, including the present Pope, there would be only 3 Popes until the end of time (the end of the Marian age, climaxing with the Miracle).

John Paul II, who despite all sorts of problems besetting the world and his Church seems to be quite optimistic about the future. He has repeatedly said that the Great Jubilee year will mark the beginning of a "springtime for Christianity". But how can he be so optimistic and so apparently certain of the future?

Since he is a deeply prayerful man - he opens his day with up to two hours of individual prayer then celebrates Mass and prays throughout the day - and he is Jesus' vicar on earth, so he is guided by the Holy Spirit the source of his certainty may be supernatural in nature.

Further, if persistent 'rumors' that emanate from the Vatican are correct, he is also a visionary, purportedly receiving his own visions of his beloved 'Markka' - the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition, he has read and evaluated Fatima's famous third Secret, yet to be revealed to the world, and may also be guided by its contents. In short, he has guidance that no one else possesses - and he is optimistic!

Fatima's Third Secret appears to involve a supernatural event as inadvertently disclosed by one of the few people alive who have read it - Archbishop Loris Capovilla. Moreover, the Pope has told his close associates not to plan his 2001 calendar implying that he won't be alive by then.

It is possible that he believes Fatima's Third Secret will come to conclusion during the Great Jubilee celebration in the Catholic Church. Year 2000

A star, the Asteroid , will illuminate the earth causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some twenty minutes, an event which will spread panic everywhere...This will occur in the near future. When the Asteroid lights up the earth making it appear that the whole world is in flames, many people will wish to die at that shower of fire...a fear which will in fact cause the death of many people; those who are just and who believe will not suffer."

In all prophecies, Jesus says that Divine events will be explainable scientifically for the spiritually weak. So even though God may act through nature, many will attribute these events to "nature" alone. According to NASA the Sun has been entering a very unusual cycle in which it is expected to have unusually large solar storms. Around April 2000 will be a "solar maximum or peak" period of flare activity.

The Garabandal visionaries referenced a bright light in relation to the Warning, and Jacinta (of Fatima) supposedly told a Mother Godhino that a time would come when a warning would be sent to the whole world in which the skies would light up with a bright light shocking the world with its suddenness and magnitude.

Before the "Miracle" will come the "Warning" (the original Spanish term was "Aviso", which translates as "Announcement", "Warning", or "Notification". It will precede (by between 8 days and 1 year) the Miracle prophesied by Our Lady at Garabandal, which will in turn precede the chastisement.

A flash of brilliant white light (obviously bright enough to attract the attention of the third of the people in the world who will presumably be sleeping) will occur, "like 2 stars that collide and make a lot of light, but don't fall down." (Conchita's description).

Summary: According to the information above, I would suggest we may very well experience the "Warning" in April 2000. I would also state that it appears it will come from the sky. I would suggest the "Miracle" will occur one year later in April 2001. The sychronicity of so many events converging at this time is nothing less than astounding.

A reminder to all, follow the direction of "your" heart, not that of this writing or its author. I would like to state that Earth Changes TV remains open to ALL beliefs and spiritual pathways. NEVER before have so many spiritual disciplines and prophecies come together...than at this very time.

Blessings To All,

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV
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