Subj: WildHorse Removes Self from PineRidge Cause/Oyate
Date: 1/26/00 8:08:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subj: [Native_American] Pine Ridge
Date: 1/26/00 9:03:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
From: (Wild Horse)
To: (Native_American)

From: "Wild Horse"

I will say this only 1 time

There will not be any more posts concerning Pine Ridge coming across this email list until further notice. After all the work that we have done here for the Oyate I have been informed directly from them that they have never heard from me. They have informed me that they have not issued any press releases nor have they ever heard my voice since the beginning of this Occupation.

This information comes even after the Occupation speaking through Gerald Mc Glauphlin verified on January 24, 2000 to members of AIM that I am the person they are releasing information to for distribution to the internet.

Please delete any and all information you have collected for the Occupation. If they can't stand behind the people that have dedicated themselves to their plight then the information will be of no use to them.

I want to thank everyone that has come to the aid of these people and those that are standing with me through this. Those that don't agree with me in this please unsubscribe immediately. Those that will stand with me and await the next time we are needed I welcome you to stay.

Wild Horse