Subj: Pine Ridge Shooting Update
Date: 1/26/00 5:26:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

Pine Ridge Shooting
12:33:41 PM
Jack Siebold

A shooting on Pine Ridge early this morning, just down the block from where
"Grass Roots" has occupied the tribal government building. But police say
the only connection is that the victim was off-duty security for the
Oglala Sioux Tribe police investigators say Rydell Eagle Hawk, who is part
of the Grass Roots security detail, was shot in the leg about a block or
two from the building. Investigators believe the shooting was
alcohol-related, possibly following an argument. Police say Eagle Hawk had
just left a drinking party at a mobile home park about two blocks from the
tribal building. He was headed back to the building when he was shot.
The Grass Roots account of the shooting differs from investigators. They
say Eagle Hawk was near a store, a block from the occupied building, when a
car of young men pulled up ... asked if he was someone else, then shot him
in the leg.
Until this morning's shooting, there has been no violence linked in any way
to the 11-day takeover. The Grass Roots protesters occupied the tribal
building in an effort to get the council to fire treasurer Chuck Jacobs ...
and for the federal government to audit the tribe's finances.
While the shooting didn't happen at the occupied site, rumors quickly
filled internet sites ... and dozens of e-mails were sent to media with
those rumors. But both sides ... police and Grass Roots ... say the
occupation is still peaceful.

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