Subj: Pine Ridge Radar Pulses--Ellsworth AFB Said Likely Source
Date: 1/24/00 6:35:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Pine Ridge Radar Pulses--Ellsworth Air Force Base Said Likely Source

Our recipient Ron Hannivig, who definitely knows something about the
subject he's writing on here, says that the most likely source of EM/RF
signal anomalies showing up on doppler radar images of the Pine Ridge,
South Dakota area is nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Certainly a reasonable working hypothesis, as Hannivig explains below.

And the purpose of such transmissions? Anyone's guess, I suppose... .

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MORE Radar Pulses At Pine Ridge/Mind Control Transmissions
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 16:58:56 -0500
"Ronald T. Hannivig"

John, et al,

>>> We'd like to know WHY the Pine Ridge, South Dakota region is clearly
being targeted with anomalous EM/RF signals at this time. <<<

Last evening, I went surfing through the "Flash" postings and reviewed the
23/Jan/00 - 10:54 AM EST hit ... that appears very similar to the 20/Jan/00
- 7:45 PM EST "blast", which seemingly originated - that is, it was
centered from within the USAF Ellsworth Base located 10 miles or so east of
Rapid City, North Dakota.

I'm familiar with this region of the country - I actually worked for a few
days in Rapid City back in late 1959, as a casual laborer - shoveling a RR
car full of salt to be used in domestic water softener systems. Being
familiar with the region - moreover, having a good collection of detailed
maps of North America, I had no problem finding out that there are quite a
few Indian Reservations not far from the Rapid City area.

Specifically, in this instance - the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River
Reserves. The northern portion of the Standing Rock Indian Rez. goes over
into the southern part of North Dakota. Together (they border each other
north-to-south, and both border the Missouri River on their eastern side),
these two Reservations are almost double the size of Pine Ridge and Rosebud

Most important, these two Reservations are located off toward the NE of
Ellsworth, AFB - where the resulting echoes were extremely strong.

I should also add here that there are two other smaller Indian Reserves
within this same region - but seemingly, just beyond the ambits of the
second documented pulse, in question. These two Reservations are: The
Lower Bule and Crow Creek Reservations - each located across from one
another on either side of the Missouri River, approx. 175 miles due east of
Rapid City.

In essence, those strong echoes off toward the NE of Ellsworth AFB - shown
in the second instances, seems to be directly over the Standing
Rock/Cheyenne River Reserves. Given that the main population center for
these tribes (as in a gathering place for shopping, etc.) would likely be
Rapid City, and with the expected constant intermarrying between members of
these different indigenous people it really would not matter too much
exactly which faction was having their unique problems on their assigned

Additionally, other than these Indian Reserves within this specific region
- which butts up to the Black Hills to the west of Rapid City, the area is
sparsely populated, and tourists during the summer months probably way
outnumber the locals.

Conclusion: Whatever had been causing these documented flashes in the sky
has likely been originating from the Ellsworth AF Base, which is located 10
miles or so east of Rapid City, North Dakota. One would have to be able to
zoom in on the map in order to be able to pinpoint the exact spot from
where these flashes were emitted.

RonHannivig, Simpson, PA