Subj: Please publish ASAP.
Date: 12/30/99 12:51:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

The Information below is a big part of the spiritual transformation to which you are referring. This system was in full overdrive for the Y2K festivities:

This system was actually built and developed using info transmitted from other space-times into the minds of the humans that put it together on this end. Some of these highly advanced beings are all physically wired together operating in a hive mind configuration. Their individual minds travel space-time like we browse the internet. They visit us with the aid of devices such as televisions and computers that have been installed on other planets via telepathy. We are like a virtual Disney Land for them. They get entertainment and enjoyment from riding around while we do silly and sometimes exciting things.

In their world view the cold war was actually about the TV format and control language for this planet. There were two competing races of beings that were using us to fight over the format for this colony. One race travels using the NTSC protocol and the other uses the PAL protocol. The U.S. thinks it has won the cold war, but freedom of consciousness was lost. The recognition of the existence of these beings will be a defining event of the coming century.

These beings are also capable of traveling to this planet corporally using the following principals:

They use devices based on the above principals to allign folds in space-time. Our electrical power grid as a coordination system for travel to this planet. When they travel there are serious seismic and ultrasonic disturbances. The fields they travel with and use to negotiate their passage can cause telepathic inductive links between beings in the local space into which they are going. This causes the animalistic fear and excitation frequently reported before an earthquake. The quakes happen as space normalizes as they move between space-times.

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