Subj: from steph... New AIM Stmt on NewsHawk Report
Date: 1/19/00 3:44:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here is what Mike Wicks from AIM had to say:

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:18:04 -0500
From: Mike Wicks
Organization:American Indian Cultural Support

From: Mike Wicks

This is stupid, irresponsible, and dangerous trash to be sending out.
It is nothing but lies. There is NO standoff! There is no heat from the
FEDs! There is NO media blackout - and in fact a radio station set up and
transmitted from inside the Tribal building! Get some facts before you spout this
garbage. I don't know what game you people are playing by puting out this bunch of
lies, but it needs to stop - RIGHT NOW! Pick up a phone and call the Tribal
office. Speak to the people inside - ask to speak to the FBI - they are there AT
THE REQUEST of the people inside. The FEDs are gathering evidence AT THE
REQUEST of those inside.

(605) 867-5821

> Dave Hartley
> 1.16.00
> URGENT!/FBI-Indian standoff; Pine Ridge Rez!
> Forward this message as far and widely as possible
> Feds are putting major heat on a group of Indians at the
> Pine
> Ridge reservation who were attempting to demonstrate
> against
> corruption and malfeasance within the heavily fed-
> infiltrated "official"
> tribal
> council there.
> The FBI is said to have been on the scene "INSTANTLY". In
> light
> of the TOTAL media blackout enforced by feds in regard to
> this
> situation, there are serious concerns on the part of
> Native Americans
> and
> others
> of some kind of severe, Waco-style tactics being employed
> at Pine
> Ridge.It's
> crucial to help ensure that eventuality can never come to
> pass; and to do that, we must get the word out regarding
> what's going
> on
> at Pine Ridge right now. So PLEASE, help.
> NewsHawk® Inc.
> ------- Original Message --------
> Here's one that's in-process! I just received a call from
> one
> of my Native American friends, and things have gone
> critical on the
> Pine
> Ridge Reservation. At 2 pm today (Sunday, 1/16),
> protestors occupied
> the tribal offices on the Pine Ridge reservation,
> protesting abuses
> and
> embezzlement by the Tribal Council, including $7 million
> in embezzled
> funds.
> Suddenly, the FBI is there like a duck on a june bug.
> They are
> attempting to get word out as fast and as widely as
> possible, as
> there
> has
> been a media lockdown, and there is a standoff between the
> Feds and
> the
> Indian protestors that could get very ugly. There are
> fears of Waco-
> type
> actions,
> especially with the media lockdown. They want this one
> put out far
> and
> wide, to hopefully get some attention before something
> turns very
> ugly.
> The phone number for the tribal offices building where
> these
> folks are standing off the Feds is (605)867-5821. I've
> been told
> they
> can keep folks apprised of what is going on... at least
> until the
> phones
> get
> cut. I haven't called simply because I hear some of the
> local
> activists
> are calling, folks who might be able to do more than I can
> in
> California.
> Something is up, because the FBI isn't usually at scenes
> of conflicts
> so
> instantly. Could it have something to do with records
> they are
> attempting to have opened, relative to corruption on the
> reservation?
> What's really going on, here?

Subj: from steph... another AIM letter
Date: 1/19/00 3:57:16 PM Pacific Standard Time wrote:

> Dear NewsHawk, Your post concerning PineRidge has been posted to the NDN-AIM
> list as a FALSE POST. All is peaceful there and I have personally confirmed
> this as of 4:15 est in a conversation with Floyd Hand at the tribal office.
> The records were turned over to the FBI as of 10am (their time) and they will
> continue to occupy the building BUT THERE IS NOT A SWAT TEAM and there is NO
> INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY. Floyd Hand has asked that NO ONE post this type or
> other information unless it comes directly from himself or from Dale Looks
> Twice. Please honor their wishes.
> In Struggle,
> Teri TwoBears