Subj: Spooks, Goons, Malingerers Harass NewsHawk
Date: 1/20/00 8:48:41 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Spooks, Goons, Malingerers Harass NewsHawk

Several days ago, beginning Sun., Jan. 16, we began forwarding messages
received from KNOWN, TRUSTED sources regarding what appeared to be a
potentially bad situation brewing at the Pine Ridge Indian reservation
in South Dakota. These messages came from several DIFFERENT sources.

After we attempted verification of the information within our limited
capabilities with no success, we reprinted the reports in our bulletins
exactly as we received them, out of deep concern regarding hostile
actions being taken against Native Americans by the federal government;
for example, as happened not many years ago at THIS VERY SAME LOCATION!

Little mention of the events at Pine Ridge was being made in the
national news media, furthering suspicions that something underhanded
might be going; as as several of the messages we got indicated.

Apparently the situation at the Pine Ridge reservation is now resolving
peacefully and productively, for which we are extremely grateful. We
have no regrets about forwarding material sent to us which appeared
quite urgent.

Interestingly however, and reminiscent of the tactics leveled against
NewsHawk during the bad old days of our articles exposing conspiracy and
cover-up regarding the Columbine High School massacre, the JFK
Jr./Bessette murders, and the L.A. Jewish Center AND Ft. Worth church
shooting incidents, the information NewsHawk put out regarding the Pine
Ridge situation provoked a repeat performance of the same kind of harassment.

In fact this latest bout indicates more clearly than ever that there's
extensive, collaborative orchestration of the activities being taken
against NewsHawk. Spook city.

We must have done something right.

But oh, by the way, all you spooks and goons out there trying so hard to
mess us up and shut us down -- It didn't work. NewsHawk is still in the
air, dudes. Get a life. I have one.

NewsHawk® Inc.
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Subj: Recipient List Hacked

Date: 1/20/00 9:07:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: (NewsHawk Inc.)



Recipient List Hacked

As we were just saying, about a repeat of extensive harassment campaigns against NewsHawk... .

We have verified that there was NO "operator error" regarding the email we sent just out entitled "Brainwashing Every Day in Every Way." So, unless either our ISP or our Netscape software bugged out--which neither shows any indication of having done, we wuz hacked.

NewsHawk® Inc.

Subj: Outrageous Behavior by Veritas News Re: Pine Ridge Reports
Date: 1/21/00 11:13:57 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Outrageous Behavior by Veritas News Service Re: Pine Ridge Reports

<<----- Original Message -----
Subject: Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:39:21 -0700
From: "HOTT"
Organization: 101.1 FM Eagar
To: ,
CC: , , , etc.>>

- - - - - - - -

We won't even bother getting into the bizarre and extremely unpleasant
actions and statements directed at NewsHawk and at me personally by
someone calling themselves "Bill Cooper" at some joint called the
"Veritas News Service". These were directed via email to myself, personnel
at my ISP, and other parties.

We have made absolutely NO direct contact or communication of any kind
with this group whatsoever, which might conceivably even begin to explain
such unprovoked, malicious behavior on their part towards us. Suffice it
to say this person/group has gone tremendously out of their way in the
most extreme sense imaginable to cause as many problems for NewsHawk as
possible. (Not to worry; we're hanging out).

Anyway, we ARE reprinting below the message sent us by ANOTHER party -- -- regarding the nightmarish experience THEY also
endured as a result of what they believe were Veritas' actions. (We are
not saying we know these allegations to be true.)

The tale this person has to tell about the extraordinary malingering on
the part of this "Veritas" operation is truly astounding, and very troubling.

Although it gets a little confusing, as the writer of the message below
references people you and I don't know, it's well worth reading.

This person had queried "Cooper"/Veritas about the situation at Pine
Ridge. The absurd but disturbingly belligerent, irrational and untrue
response(s) received by this person, which we KNOW for a fact mirrors
the experience of others who contacted Veritas about the Pine Ridge
matter, is referred to in their message below.

However, much more disturbing than the lies, slander, belligerence,
irrationality and all that spewed forth by Veritas/"Cooper," is the fact
that the writer believes they have HAD THEIR EMAILS INTERCEPTED AND
RETURNED as a direct result of actions taken by the Veritas crew, after the
initial rude, bizarre and slanderous response mass-emailed by "Cooper"/Veritas.

NewsHawk has had similar difficulties several times in the past involving
MAJOR email problems: during at least ONE such episode, there was definite
simultaneous overt, belligerent harassment from a "Bill Cooper."

Does this mean that "Veritas News Service" and those connected with it
are linked to government intelligence/"law" enforcement agencies? You decide.

What's interesting to note, however, is that the writer of the message
below states that Veritas News Service has just been bought by "Hallmark,
a Panama Corporation."

And what about Pine Ridge? As we noted, we were forwarded advisos from
SEVERAL sources we know and trust, regarding what seemed to be a
potentially serious situation evolving at the reservation. Other than
some commentary from NewsHawk the messages we received were forwarded
EXACTLY as we received them.

Apparently there doesn't seem to be cause for such concerns at this
point, thankfully. We have no regrets whatsoever about forwarding the
information as we did, however. Who knows? Perhaps that's part of the
reason no violence or overt hostility DID break out.

NewsHawk® Inc.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Received: from
by (mail_out_v24.6.) id n.8.4fc8a7 (3876);
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 00:26:20 -0500 (EST)

X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 16-bit for Windows sub 58

I haven't been able to apologize to any of you for the very
obnoxious behavior of the LOSER who sent you the "BULLSHIT!!!!" email,
which was sent to you all as a reply to the Pine Ridge email I sent
earlier. I hope after reading this that you will forward this and
your comments to this alleged "Veritas Newspaper" who are trying to set
themselves up as some kind of "Veritas News Service" to rival the AP.

After today, I wonder whether this "newspaper", who has just been
bought by Hallmark, a Panama Corporation, plan on monitoring and controlling
the press even better than Associated Press could if they tried. The
mail I sent to you after these people began monitoring what I was doing
kept coming back as undeliverable. Hmmmm.

I have already had one person complain about the hostility and
belligerent rudeness of these unprofessional propagandists. I had no
idea they would take your names off of the list of people who had also been
sent the Pine Ridge information, and be so arrogant as to send people they
didn't even know an email with what may have been offensive to some
written on the "envelope".

As you all may know by now, I sent you an email earlier today that had
been forwarded to me. I also included my own comments on the subject. It was
the information about the events at Pine Ridge between the FBI and the
tribal people. I thought you would all find it significant. After what
happened since then, I am not sure you have received my "Response", so I am
sending it again, along with a very bizarre thing that happened to me in relation
to it.

I am also sending the emails sent since then from this (watch out
for the swear words --I'm warning you) ass. I want you all to know who is
telling the truth out there and who is so threatened by us communicating that
they try to harrass and interfere with me for trying to printit.

In the email I sent you all first, it indicated that there were
efforts to suppress the internet, etc communications of the Pine Ridge people.

That seems to have happened here as well.

When I talked with Chris earlier, she asked if I had received an
email called "BULLSHIT" (sent by "Cooper"/Veritas). I was unaware of it,
because I had just sent the email that elicited "BULLSHIT." She hadn't
even seen my email yet, and she was aware of the "BULLSHIT."

Interesting. The reason that hott@cybertrails sent you all the
"BULLSHIT" ws because I had also sent the Pine Ridge email to that
address, which is the only address I had for Veritas.

The reason I sent it to Veritas was because I had received an email
from Jim which he had forwarded from them. The email solicited responses
from journalists, editors, etc who wanted to be part of Veritas and "Veritas
News Service". They seemed to have the backing to pay people, the backing
that truly independent papers like the Las Vegas Tribune has a harder time
getting because of the TRUTH that we print which pisses people like the Binions
and corrupt officials like Jan Jones off.

I sent them a note asking them how they would like to receive my
articles, told them I was a writer, weekly columnist and
Associate-Editor for the Tribune and that I did it because I believed in
the voice of the truth getting out. I said I wrote about David
Miller-related issues, native-issues, and a variety of subjects. I never
heard back from them.

But apparently Veritas has someone monitoring the type of email I
sent today much more closely. Almost immediately after I sent the Pine
Ridge email, they sent the "BULLSHIT" to all of you and me, discrediting what
I had sent very quickly. Damage control...

By the time I read their "BULLSHIT" I also got a response from
spidercomm thanking me and expressing annoyance and polite discomfort at
the hostility and "beligerence" of the rude hott@cybertrails.

I decided to get more information so I could know what was the real
story here. I thanked this mysterious email graffiti-spreader for the
response and said we would like to hear not only two sides to the story,
but any information from the firsthand witnesses they claimed they knew,
or anyone who was there or had anything to share. I asked for any facts,
evidence, names, dates so we could get to the bottom of the story, and
asked my first source for the same. I also asked everyone to try to be
rational and keep it calm even though it was controversial.

I find what happened next very elucidating. Not only could I not
use the net for hours afterwords, but my "RESPONSE" to "BULLSHIT" that I sent
you all kept coming back as undeliverable, although I had copied the addresses
from the previous emails to make sure I got back to you all. I tried
over and over. I don't know who has gotten it yet.

I couldn't get back on the internet after I received an immediate,
very slimey and rude response discrediting NewsHawk. Not only did this
alleged "Newspaper" who want to be the next Associated Press fail to respond
with anything to verify their emails to you and myself, but they indicated
that they suddenly did not open any emails for fear of viruses and therefore
had deleted my message. I got another message saying to remove them from
the list.

This was a "newspaper" who had solicited journalists and stories,
and never returned a response BEFORE seeing anything I wrote. This is a
"newspaper" who has the time to monitor my emails very closely, but
dissappears and gets psycho when they receive news stories, to the point
where they use profanity and rush out a response to everyone who has
heard the news in an obvious attempt to try to manipulate what gets out to

Their address no longer exists when I tried to send them an email
telling them to stop sending their profane messages out, after I tried
to email you all and could not. I did this as soon as I got their
messages which were clearly just harrassment, which made it clear they
did not want to present facts, but to control the minds of those who are
paying attention to these events. I have since received from Jim some
updates from firsthand witnesses. I am willing to consider any facts
I receive. Veritas refuses to receive or share them. Some newspaper.

So they are watching what I send and following my emails, but when
I ask this "NEWSPAPER" for facts so that we print them, they run inside and
lock the doors and slander and insult everyone else. Very unprofessional,
very suspicious, very unlike any newspaper I have ever heard of. Even on
their original message, which encouraged me to send them information,
they had only an email, no address, no phone number.

Who are these people and what do they represent?

- - - - - - - -

Subject: Fwd: Pine Ridge & some loser from Veritas trashing newshawk
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 00:56:04 EST
CC:, rawdata@bigplane

The adventures with the propoganda machine. Please send me your email

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Subj: hello
Date: 00-01-20 13:18:30 EST
To: (

Hi Colleen,

It is Craig formerly of Palm Desert now living on the central coast of
California. Nice to hear from you. Too bad that other guy had to be so
beligerent in his response. It is frustrating when people have to get
so excited when rational communication is good enough. Just wanted you
to know that I appreciate the information you send. Even though I
perceive worldly events out of my direct and immediate control in most
cases I think being aware of the realities still has an effect on our
future. There has been so much change over the last one hundred years
on a political and technological level that humans just cannot adjust
fast enough on a biological level. I try to remember all that is
happening throughout our world although appearing gruesome in alot of
cases is part of an evolutionary development and is due in large part to
these radical changes. I just hope that humans will be able to survive
the corruption that comes along with these vast changes. The next 50
years out to be very telling.

I am not familiar with the Pine Ridge situation you spoke of but that
doesn't surprise me. I'll keep my ear open.

Regards, Craig


- - - - - - - -
Subj: Re: Bullshit!!!!!!!!!! Colleen's response. Are you ready?
Date: 00-01-20 20:06:31 EST
From: (HOTT)

Take a hike... John Quinn and Newshawk is one of the biggest sources of lies
and disinformation in this country.

Remove this address from your mailing list immediately.

----- Original Message -----

> Thanks for sending us the point of view that you have. At least we are
> getting different sides to the story, which we can't rely on too many
> to tell.
> However, the source of this information is not a rumour-monger, but a
> very credible bunch. I will wait to hear what they have to say about it.
> Hopefully they will receive and repond to your response, and the
> will continue.
> A lot of Jews didn't believe there was a holocaust going on either.
> a predator is as a rule very silent before they pounce. The FBI has never
> been a friend to the tribes, and the "Indians" themselves betrayed their
> into the hands of the Europeans. They have also been known to be in
> Some of the people in Seattle say that the police were just helping
> those little old ladies across the street and not tear gassing them.
> Any one who is there or who has firsthand knowledge is welcome to
> respond and your messages will be forwarded so we can get to the bottom of
> it. Also, There are only 3 exclamation marks in Bullshit!!!
> If you can support your response with facts and dates and names,
> do so the Tribune and all the sites out there who want to know can print
> much information as they have.
> The same goes for everyone. The more info the better. Try to keep it
> rational, says our friend at spidercomm, and don't get so worked up. I
> it's hard when there is so much controversy. Thanks for all the interest.
> Colleen @ Las Vegas Tribune

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From: "HOTT"
Subj: Re: Bullshit!!!!!!!!!! Colleen's response. Are you ready?
Date: 00-01-20 20:07:35 EST
From: (HOTT)

We do not accept or open email attachments due to the danger of computer

Your message has been deleted.

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----- Original Message -----
Subject: Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:39:21 -0700
From: "HOTT"
Organization: 101.1 FM Eagar
To: ,
CC: , , , etc.

Oglala and Lakota Sioux Protest

by William Cooper

VNS - Exclusive January 18, 2000 - As usual the rumor mongers are working
overtime. Don't listen to them as they are just as full of crap as they were
last time. Remember Y2K?