Date: 1/19/00 10:03:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (DX)



Date: Wed, 19 Jan 19100 22:3:38 -0800 (PST)

Subject: What the hell????

Where did that email come from??? If that is supposed to be me, I never said anything like that. I don't visit chat rooms. Obviously whatever government agency is responsible for the spraying is trying very hard to discredit me and the recording. Since I made existence of that recording public, I've been endlessly harrassed by unkown persons. My phone rings every 10 minutes and when I answer there's nobody there. My garbage is gone through on a nearly nightly basis. My email is constantly being read. I've started hearing odd clicks on my phone whenever we use it. Just a couple days ago, my wife was rear-ended and run off the road by a mysterious black car with some kind of government plates that took off and left the scene. I'm getting no help from the police, they say there's "nothing they can do," and I'm scared for my family & I. Lots of weird stuff has been going on, and I think it's going to get worse.

If anything happens, just know that the tape is real. And don't let them try to derail you from the chemtrail issue.