Subj: Aerosol BS
Date: 1/18/00 8:54:49 PM Pacific Standard Time


Please accept my entirely subject assessment that this recording is a
fake. As a former military pilot and someone who is currently employed
in the aerospace sector, I have listened to many thousands of hours of
airband VHF/UHF/HF comm. This recording doesn't have the remotest ring
of authenticity.

(1) It's too clear. Listen to any airband radio/scanner and you'll see
what I mean. Listen from the flight deck and it's no different.

(2) The voice doesn't have the faintest ring of authenticity. No jargon.
None of the short, clipped, verbiage used by flight crews who are used
to saying a lot in a few quick words. ("heading three three zero at
three zero zero" instead of "on a heading of approximately three three
zero degress at flight level threezero zero") No um's and ah's. (Can't
remember the last time I DIDN'T hear an "ah" from a flight crew
member.) Also, this heading and altitude info would generally be
accompanied by a relative position statement to describe where the other
aircraft in relation to mine "at three oclock five miles heading three
three zero at three zero zero." Also, mikes are typically very close to
the mouth (or touching the lips) and you generally get a certain sound
because of that, which this recording lacks.

(3) It is inconceivable that a crew engaged in a covert op would use a
call sign like Aerosol and talk about spraying. Call signs at the best
of times are cryptic and since both parties know what the mission
entails there is no need to even refer to it. The RTB (Retrun to base)
announcement is completely unnesseccary, even to stage the ground crew.
What, did the zip out for burger and need to be called back? When the
bird is on the ground, the crew won't miss a beat without the need for
any calls at all.

"MACS control" whoever that is seems to be an operations center since
they are being told what is left in the tank are asked to alert the
ground crew. In this regard, the information regarding the other
aircraft and their route would seem extraneous. Likewise a military
airweapons or tactical controller would not be included in any
discussion re tanks or refills. In fact, the controller would not be
privy to anything about the mssion except the intended route, pattern
and the need to co-ordinate separation with civilian ATC.

My son and I make these kind of recording for fun. We blow an electric
fan across the mike to create the cockpit "noise". Sounds exactly the
same. And my kid sounds more authentic than this one. If it walks like a
duck and quacks like a duck...