Subj: You Are Being Fooled By Spray Plane Pilot
Date: 1/18/00 9:57:09 PM Pacific Standard Time


The following was observed in a chat room I thought it might be of interest
to you.
Note: the chat reads from the BOTTOM UP, as the chat progresses new lines
are added at the top of the page, so start reading at the bottom of this



Sprayplane_pilot: heh, this is so fun I don't think I ever want to tell them
it's a hoax
Sprayplane_pilot: My reply is on it's way
Sprayplane_pilot: heh
Bewolf: yea, sorta like the modulation question
Sprayplane_pilot: pretty sure it's another trick question
Bewolf: oh
Sprayplane_pilot: Yeah, they do, and there's no attenuation setting for it
Bewolf: the radio shack website may have a manual for that online
Sprayplane_pilot: don't see anything about an attenuation setting
Bewolf: does the BC700A receive cell without any mods?
Sprayplane_pilot: My main scanner at the house is a BC8500XLT
Sprayplane_pilot: BC700A
Bewolf: what do you use to recieve cell phones?
Bewolf: hehe
Sprayplane_pilot: going to look at the PRO2006 webpage I found... I don't
even have one
Bewolf: so there isnt a attenuation setting on the PRO2006?...just tell him
Sprayplane_pilot: don't know. I'm going to tell him I don't use an
attenuator... I think it's a trick questions
Bewolf: "what was your attenuation setting on the PRO 2006." --whats this
Sprayplane_pilot: got an email reply from him... it was the one I replied to
Sprayplane_pilot: heh, if they only knew how much I know about radio!
Bewolf: hehe, they think your more credible now, LOL
Bewolf: "I threw this in to see if we were dealing with a less than
knowledgeable person who might be trying to put one over on us" LOL
Sprayplane_pilot: whoever asked the questions, I guess... I don't know.
Bewolf: were you the someone...or just someone?
Sprayplane_pilot: Someone "analyzed" my fake answers to their questions
Sprayplane_pilot: orbit/new100.htm
Bewolf: thats why its in quotes, I gotta admit, you guys do have a good
govener or there
Sprayplane_pilot: let me amend that... "conspiracy theories are for the weak
Bewolf: "religion is for the weak minded" :)
Jams: hehehehehe
Bewolf: thats cause they CANT possibley be wrong
Sprayplane_pilot: of course... it's like a religion with them. They know
they're right, so they don't have to show proof
Sprayplane_pilot: Can't get it through their heads that that's their job if
they want to convince anyone
Sprayplane_pilot: What's funny is that these people I'm trying to debate
don't think they have to show any proof when they make stupid claims... they
keep saying "go out and do some research."
Bewolf: I C
Sprayplane_pilot: Flight 800... was an illuminadi slaying
Sprayplane_pilot: probably
Bewolf: didnt the govt already shoot down one TWA plane cause they wouldnt
Sprayplane_pilot: Probably just a TWA aircraft...
Bewolf: he
Bewolf: hehe
Sprayplane_pilot: It probably won't show up for a while
Sprayplane_pilot: Got a picture of a 747 with the contrails clearly coming
from the engines saying that aircraft with red tails belong to the NSA
Bewolf: yea I did
Bewolf: did ya just post it tom...or is it already on the board somewhere?
Sprayplane_pilot: did you see the pictures on that AOL site?
Sprayplane_pilot: yep
Bewolf: on the chemtrails page?
Sprayplane_pilot: It says "Yes we are spraying you. Why? That information is
given out on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know!"
Sprayplane_pilot: You should read my post I made under this name... pretty
Sprayplane_pilot: no
Bewolf: ever listened to Bob and Tom?
Bewolf: hehe
Sprayplane_pilot: Make them think I'm saying it's a fake because "they" have
been harassing me.
Sprayplane_pilot: Going to make a post that a bunch of strange things have
been happening & the file got deleted... then a few days later will post
that the recording's a fake

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