Subj: Re: M-Class & Mercury passage on C3
Date: 1/19/00 9:34:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert D. Morningstar)

Dear Kent:

It appears to me that the current M3 events may be creating such powerful
pulses of plasma that some of Mercury's surface may be stripping off and
streaming off like that of a cometary tail in solar wind.

The magnitude of the current pulses and the relativistic speed of the plasma
and proto-nuclear particles are such that one could envision Mercury
literally as a local cometary body, held fixedly in orbit by the
gravitational pull of the sun but caught in the slipstream and/or vortices
of the solar flares, neutron wind and plasma stream.
At these velocities, atoms of matter composing the surface may be subject to
electron stripping and atomic disintegration. If this is so, there should
be much more electrtical activity and fluctutation, x-ray emissions and
Cherenkov radiation emanating from Mercury.
Very unusual.


Robert M*
Morningstar Aerospace
New York City