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From: Wild Horse
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 8:08 PM
Subject: [NAvoices] Oglala Occupation


January 18, 2000


On January 18, 2000, at 11:00 a.m. MST, Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents seized tribal financial records for 1998 - 1999. The federal agents were brought in by the Grass Roots Oyate, a group of concerned Oglala Sioux tribal members who took control of the tribal office on Sunday, January 16, 2000. Their sole purpose for this takeover is to protect files that incriminate the Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer, Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs and several Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Members.

Upon vacating the Red Cloud Tribal Building, FBI Agent-In-Charge William Grode stated that they will be travelling to Allen, South Dakota to the Oglala Sioux Tribal District Office to seize records there. Dozens of concerned community members in the Allen community are guarding the building prohibiting any tribal district elected officials from entering the building to tamper with files.

FBI Agent-In-Charge William Grode also informed the Grass Roots Oyate that warrants have been issued and agents are en route to the First National Bank of Gordon in Gordon, Nebraska to seize financial records involving the Oglala Sioux Tribal accounts. First National Bank of Gordon has been the Tribe's primary bank for fourteen years.

Agent Grode informed the Grass Roots Oyate in a meeting on January 17, 2000 that a grand jury investigation has been underway for some time. With today's seizure, the agent stated that indictments are sure to follow soon.

The Grass Roots Oyate have re-occupied the Tribal Office and will remain there until the Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs and several of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Representatives are removed from office.

Tribal Council Representatives have retaliated by putting in a request to U.S. President Bill Clinton and South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow to remove the Grass Roots Oyate from the tribal office using "deadly force if necessary".

Several others tribes have phoned in their support of the actions of the Grass Roots Oyate and are considering if they should take similar action on their reservations to deal with widespread political corruption.

For further information, please contact Dale Looks Twice or Floyd Hand at (605) 867-5303.

As with all my posts on the Oglala Occupation Feel free to forward in its entirety

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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:54:43 EST
Subject: V4 issue 1 page 2 Pine Ridge summary and updates

The Red Road Newsletter
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Volume 4 issue 1 page 2
PineRidge Occupation
Oglala Lakota Nation's Tribal Office is flying upside down as a signal of
Date: 1/16/00
At this moment the American flag flying over the Oglala Lakota Nation's
Tribal Office is flying upside down as a signal of distress. At two p.m. A
group of Tribal members occupied the Housing Authority Office, the Tribal
Office, and will shortly be enroute to the OLN Department of Public Safety
Building to occupy it. The group is led by Traditional Chief, Oliver Red
Cloud and other Traditional elders and leaders. In an statement broadcast
over KILI radio several minutes ago, Dale Looks Twice said they were going to
occupy the Tribal Office and forbid entry to any Tribal Councilman or
Executive Board member. Dale said records were being confiscated and turned
over to the FBI for review and investigation and they expect the same will
occur at the Tribal Office and the Department of Public Safety.
The OLN Department of Public Safety will not become involved in the
situation, according to a spokesman for Public Safety as stated by the DJ at
KILI radio.

From: paul pureau
--- John E Hussman wrote:
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 16:07:20 -0700
A live update is currently being broadcasted over KILI radio. There are
now over one hundred people occupying the Tribal Office in Pine Ridge. Dale
Looks Twice is demanding complete audits of the Prairie Winds Casino
earnings. Second, enforcement of the OST Constitution and Bylaws,
specifically, that all lease income from Tribal lands be used by the
Communities. Third, the return all lands to the Tribe known as the Buffalo
Gap grasslands. Fourth, the forgiveness of all FHA debt used for land
purchases for the Tribe, Fifth, That all governments respect the sovereignity
fo the Tribe, (talking too fast, I can't keep up), and the people want the
Council to stay out of micromanaging Tribal programs and let the program
staff provide services as the program is supposed to.
Dale is now reading a letter of suspension directed to the Tribal
Treasurer written by the Tribal President. He is now going through a list of
malfeasances on the Treasures' part.

From Ishgooda
From: "John E Hussman"
Dale Looks Twice is now saying the FBI has seized all financial records
from the Housing Authority and is now enroute to the Tribal Office to do the
same. Earlier, Dale was asking assistance from anyone who has the ability to
interpret financial records and transactions. Dale further says the audit is
expected to go several years back and if anyone ripped the Tribe off during
that time then" If you played, you will pay."
Dale also reports several AIM chapters are enroute to the Tribal Office
to help with the occupation. Since they expect to be there for a long time,
Dale is asking for food and any donations that will help sustain thier effort.
Tribal Office number (605) 867-5821. Dale is there now.

Just got off the phone with pine ridge. There are no physical problems
just buildings being held and all documents being guarded by the people.
Lots of money missing. No one being hurt. Action is taking place this
Jim Burnes

From: paul pureau
From: "John E Hussman"
I just returned from Pine Ridge. Things seem cool at the Tribal Office.
Public Safety is not gearing up for civil unrest so we should be staying out
of it altogether. Mostly local license plates with a few from Rapid City
parked in front of the Tribal Office. About twenty federal vehicles were in
front of the Housing Authority Office and they were carrying out boxes of
paper and putting them in their vehicles. From what I
hear it has to do with low income rent subsidies. People who don't have
enough income to pay rent or pay for utilities are given a subsidy from HUD
to make up the difference.
Some of the Tribal Council have been living in low rent housing for years
without paying rent and their backrent is in the thousands of dollars. That
coupled with possible subsidy scams triggered the confiscation. I suspect the
FBI has the resources lined up to handle white collar crime so they decided
to look into all the allegations, especially with the help of the people.
Tribal people, pay attention. We just overthrew Tribal government with
the assistance of the Justice Department. Makes everything legal and ties it
all up quite neatly.

The Tribal Office number given (605)867-5821 .
The security answers and found out that they are waiting for the FBI to
come in to collect the documents under question for fraud.
They have been waiting for an audit for months but so far nothing has
happened. The General Council is asking for the audit. 7.5 million dollars
are bing held and because of this situation, many will lose their jobs adding
to the unemployment problem. 416 temporary employees may lose their jobs.
They need food and it should be delivered or taken to the Tribal Building
at PineRidge.
AIM has occupied the area at the border of White Clay, just inside the
Will keep updated as much as I can.

From: "Terry Bullock"
Dale Looks Twice is at the Tribal Office right now and is taking phone
calls from anyone wanting to offer their prayers and support. The phone
number is 605-867-5821. He is very thankful for all the prayers and people

I just spoke with the office at Pine Ridge, Eileen Janis. The occupation
has been well prepared in advance such that all has been peaceful.
There is a meeting scheduled with the FBI at 10 Am tomorrow morning to turn
over files held securely in the office.
Most needed at this time:
paper plates
plastic utensils
Funding may be sent to: (this was the concensus in the office):
Eileen Janis
PO BOX 525
Pine Ridge, SD
Thank you for the support and please spread the word..

From: "Wild Horse"
I have just talked with Dale Looks Twice at the Tribal Offices on Pine
Ridge. He asked that I clarify a couple items that were included in the
letter from Ishgooda. There is over 100 people in occupation at this time.
With addition people coming from Colorado and Arizona AIM. They are
asking for unity of all supporters whether they follow Russell Means or if
they follow National AIM. They have only occupied the Tribal offices. They
are not planning to occupy the OLN Department of Public Safety. He stated
that the OLN is supporting them at this point. The OLN stands to loose 59
officers over what has been happening. They are scheduled to meet with the
FBI at 10:00 tommorrow morning January 17, 2000. At that meeting they will
tell the FBI all of the demands. 2 demands that he mentioned to me are.
#1 The imediate removal of the Tribal Treasurer, Wesly Chuck Jacobs And
#2 A full audit of Tribal funds.
Dale has taken down my email address and has stated he will email more
information to me as it becomes available since I can't be there to help. I
will send all information as fast as I recieve it to all the lists I am on.
Please feel free to forward this information to all concerned parties.
Wild Horse

From: "Wild Horse"
When I spoke with Dale Looks Twice he made mention to expecting a long
occupation but made no mention to needed funds as of yet
Wild Horse

From: "John E Hussman"
Just checked with our officers and they said our own officers are
stationed at the first floor of the Tribal Office at Dale's invitation. Dale
wanted witnesses that they are not there to trash the Tribal Office but to
conduct an orderly search of financial documents. No BIA officers are in Pine
Ridge at this time, we recently changed uniform color so that may have
confused our identity.
I was told that someone is calling all the BIA Police Departments across
the Nation and telling them the OLN Tribal Office is occupied as a result of
an armed takeover, a coup, so to speak. Everything here is peaceful and no
weapons have been involved. There are certain factions in Tribal politics
that can benefit someone is killed so they have a martyr.
Everyone check with Dale before additional support is given. Dale is
expecting a large influx of Grass roots people tomorrow morning and they
should be able to handle any situation.

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 01:38:04 EST
From: Ishgooda
Feds seize records at Pine Ridge
Federal agents were at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Sunday, to
seize records at the tribal housing office. Paper files and computer records
reportedly were collected from the Oglala Sioux Housing Authority. U.S.
attorney Ted McBride says a search warrant was executed, on behalf of the
department housing and urban development. McBride says the investigation is
related to a probe of the administration of programs, funded by HUD. However,
he would not say what led to the investigation or what the agents were
looking for.
Copyright 2000 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may
not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Story by: Associated Press
Takeover at Pine Ridge
According to the Oglala Sioux Tribe's public information office, a
grassroots group took control of the tribal office 2:00pm Sunday afternoon.
As of 10:00 Sunday night, information officer Eileen Janis says the group,
which is unarmed, has control of the tribal office and has nine demands,
including the removal of the travel officer. But, Janis says travel treasurer
Chuck Jacobs already has received a letter, which states he'd been suspended
of his duties. According to the Pine Ridge Police Chief Barney Whiteface,
there is the possibility nearly 60 police officers, on the reservation, will
be laid off on Tuesday. Janis says that's due to funding problems. The
grassroot's groups spokesman, Dale Whiteface, says the reason for the
peaceful takeover is to bring attention to alleged corruption within the
tribe. Police Chief Whiteface says police officers are continuing to monitor
the situation.
Meanwhile, Lookstwice says the group is scheduled to meet with the FBI
Monday morning.
Story by: Lenka Gerrish

Monday January 17,2000
by Hugh O'Gara
Journal Staff Writer
A simmering dispute over power and money on the Pine Ridge Indian
Reservation apparently boiled over Sunday afternoon when about 100 people
took control of the tribal headquarters building.
'" I wouldn't call it a takeover," tribal Police Chief Barney Whiteface
said Sunday evening. " It's more of a's no violence.....It's
Members of the group inside the Red Cloud Administration building at
Pine Ridge issued a list of eight demands, including the immediate
resignations of the 17- member tribal council and Oglala Sioux Tribe
Treasurer Wesley " Chuck" Jacobs.
Meanwile, 10 agents from the inspector general's office of the federal
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) seized files and computer
records Sunday afternoon from the Oglala Sioux Housing Authority office in
PIne Ridge.
U.S. Attorney Ted McBride told the Associated Press the search warrant
was related to an " ongoing" investigation, but he would not discuss details
of the case.
The takeover at the tribal headquarters building took place about 2 p.m.
A spokesman for the group occupying the administration building said
tribal President Harold Salway signed an order suspending treasurer Jacobs
and also ordered tribal workers to stay away from the headquarters building
Spokesman Dale Looks Twice, who was inside the headquarters building
Sunday evening, said the group also wants the tribe's 13- member finance
committee reduced in size for recent " decisions without the ( tribal)
constitution in mind that are causing turmoil among the people."
Looks Twice said the group is asking for the FBI to seize law
enforcement, housing and tribal records from the headquarters. " We welcome
the FBI to come and retrieve these records immediately," Looks Twice said
Sunday evening.
" We're going to be here until these demands are met," the Manderson
resident said. Pleas for food for the people in the building were being
broadcast Sunday evening.
Reservation residents said the takeover is the culmination of months of
frustration over such issues as money, jobs and law enforcement, with the
ongoing fight between Salway and treasurer Jacobs as the visible tip of the
There issues include:
- Law enforcement: The $7.8 million federal Circle Project grant announced
last July includes about $5.5 million for 59 additional reservation police
officers as well as police cars and equipment. Authorities say the
financially strapped tribe jumped the gun in hiring officers and now must pay
back about $1.1 million.
In it's Jan 6 meeting, the tribe's finance committee called for a meeting
" with the key players" to find out " who dropped the ball" and who is
responsible for the problems with the Circle project.
- Jobs: At that same meeting, the tribal finance committee also ordered all
90- day temporary job appointments reviewed. Authorities say that amounts to
about 414 jobs, which are in short supply on the reservation. " People are
afraid of losing their jobs," one reservation resident said Sunday.
- Money: Reservation authorities say there is a question about what happened
to funds sent to the tribe after last summer's tornado that wiped out the
community of Oglala, specifically a $30,000 check that went from the casino
revenues of a Minnesota tribe.
Tribal President Salway first suspended Jacobs in late October for
alleged mismanagement of tribal funds, but the decision was over-turned days
later by a tribal court judge.
The demands by people occupying the tribal headquarters also called for
return of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands to the tribe, under a program
that buys former tribal land, and extension of tribal jurisdiction over
adjoining Bennett and Jackson counties as well as the south unit of Badlands
National Park.
The group also demanded a " complete" public audit of the tribe's Prairie
Winds Casino and full funding for tribal programs so they can be run "
without interference from tribal governmlelnt."
Police Chief Whiteface said Sunday that officers will monitor the
occupied building but he did not plan to take any action. Whiteface said he
went inside the building and, " They were pretty friendly."
The group occupying the tribal headquarters asked for a meeting with
federal officials this morning at the Red Cloud building.
Neither Salway, Jacobs nor federal officials wee available for comment
Sunday evening.

From: (paul pureau)
Feds seize records at Pine Ridge
Federal agents were at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Sunday, to seize
records at the tribal housing office. Paper files and computer records
reportedly were collected from the Oglala Sioux Housing Authority. U.S.
attorney Ted McBride says a search warrant was executed, on behalf of the
department housing and urban development. McBride says the investigation is
related to a probe of the administration of programs, funded by HUD. However,
he would not say what led to the investigation or what the agents were
looking for.
Copyright 2000 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may
not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Story by: Associated Press

where should donations go for Pine Ridge Occupation
Date: 1/17/00 10:06:54 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (AlaskaSnow)
From: AlaskaSnow
A few AIM members had a chat last night online on Yahoo, and we were able
to contact Dale at Pine Ridge on a cell phone, (I heard it myself through the
voice chat ability on Yahoo) and Dale said FOOD was needed, cash or caravan,
and said this was the address to
Oglala Sioux Tribe
Attn: Eilene Janis
Box H
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
There was confusion about who to make checks out to, Andy Mader suggested
Money Orders would be far easier.
Dale did not ask for money but to be able to feed the people there, some
people, though, want to send money.

Oglala Occupation
Date: 1/17/00 11:17:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: "Wild Horse"
After receiving an email forwarded by Larry Kibby originally sent by Dave
Hartley that claimed an FBI Indian standoff and possibilities of Waco style
tactics. I called Dale Looks Twice.
I was informed there are around 300 people out front of the Tribal Office
Building. All is calm. The meeting with the FBI is still underway. The FBI is
listening to testimony from several concerned and knowledgeable persons.
They have heard rumors that they are holding a hostage. I was informed
that is untrue.
Dale has received calls from Colorado AIM as well as Arizona AIM. Both
groups are en-route to Pine Ridge and neither have arrived as of 1:00 PM
local time Pine Ridge.
They are asking for help with food. There was no mention as to were to
send the food to. They have not requested money.
They asked that I thank everyone for the concern they are seeing. I am
expecting an email from Dale this afternoon with the "official" Press
Release. I will send it out as soon as I receive it.
As with any letters I will send on this subject please forward to all
concerned parties. I must also ask that it be kept in its entirety.
Wild Horse

Update on Tribal Office----PIne Ridge--Conference
Date: 1/17/00 11:12:12 AM Pacific Standard Time
Kili radio has been monitoring a conference all morning at the Tribal
Office in Pine Ridge where Chief Oliver Red Cloud is presiding.
The conference will continue this afternoon at 2:00pm mountain time with
FBI agents attending and speaking.
They are trying at the present time to acquire a public address system
ie. loud speaker for those outside listening to what is going on inside.
I am taping he session and hopefully will be able to transcribe from the
meeting and write up a report on it.

From: wasicuwin@BIGFOOT.COM
Group Of Sioux Indians Demand Federal Audit
5:05 am PST, 17 January 2000
By Patricia Phillips
An American Indian reservation visited by President Bill Clinton during a
July "poverty tour" erupted in unrest Sunday as dissidents alleging financial
malfeasance took over the tribal government complex.
More than 100 people were involved in the peaceful takeover of the Oglala
Sioux Tribal headquarters on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South
Dakota, traditional leader Dale Looks Twice told He said that those
involved in the takeover are asking for a federal audit of millions of
dollars in tribal monies that "never reached the people."
Elected officials have been "cashing in on our people," Looks Twice
declared. He pointed out that the Pine Ridge Reservation has more than 80 per
cent unemployment and "for the last 20 years has been the poorest county" in
the U.S.
FBI officials removed records and computers relating to programs
administered by the tribal housing program, Looks Twice said. That
investigation has been ongoing for months, he noted.
The occupation will continue until all issues are resolved, he said.
Among them: demands for the restoration of lands known as the Buffalo Gap
grasslands and the removal of the tribal treasure, as well as a review of the
tribe's constitution and other documents.
Clinton visited the reservation in July as part of his anti-poverty
initiative. At that time, he promoted an increase in HUD and Fannie Mae
housing programs. Ironically, it is those programs that now are among those
being investigated for possible improper financial dealings. Also under fire:
the handling of a $7.8 million program for law enforcement, which, despite
funding, on Friday laid off 60 tribal law enforcement workers.

Date: 1/19/00 6:36:39 AM Pacific Standard Time
Date: 18 Jan 2000 06:39:32 -0000
Subject: Volume 4 issue 2 page 1 special edition Pine Ridge

The Red Road Newsletter
© January 18,2000
Volume 4 issue 2 page 1

UPDATE: Pine Ridge
Date: 1/17/00 6:20:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
A few minutes ago I called and spoke with the people holding the tribal
office. things are still peaceful, but tense as of 9:00 PM EST.
I urge you not to spread alarmist stories, they help no one and add fuel to
an already tense situation.
Your prayers for the success of these traditional Elders and leaders are
requested by me.
An earlier release gave an address to send funds. The people at Pine Ridge
have not requested that funds be sent. The address was provided in response
to a readers inquiry, and the address a concensus of those in the office
A news release from the tribal office should be available later this evening.
From: "John E Hussman"
This morning I went into Pine Ridge to see what was occurring at the Red
Cloud Building,(Tribal Office). I parked in front of the OLN Department of
Public Safety Building and walked over from there. The Tribal Building was
filled with traditional leaders and elders. The FBI and our BIA
Superintendent were noncommittal and sometimes condescending. Each agency
representative seemed entrenched in policy and protocol and didn't want to
offer any more then they absolutely had to.
The presentations began at nine am and continued until six PM. The staff of
KILI radio assured us they would provide updates as soon as anything
occurred. The morning started with allegations of wrongdoing directed at the
Treasurer, Chuck Jacobs and his Finance Committee membership. As the day
progressed the consensus was to abolish the IRA government and return to a
more traditional government since the IRA government was prone to corruption
and abuse. Elaine Quiver said she was contacted by the Shicangu (Rosebud)
people and they were sending a delegation to help us to get rid of the IRA
government. Then they would go home and do the same in Rosebud with our help.
Every traditional leader spoke the same. These are exciting times.
About an hour ago we were informed the Finance Committee and Chuck Jacobs
were meeting at the Tribal Casino and during an interview with KEVN News
Gerald"Jump" Big Crow and Chuck Jacobs said they would take back the Tribal
Office by force before the start of business tomorrow morning. (8:00am)
KILI just announced they will be giving an update at the Tribal Office in
about an hour.
From Ny-times-AP --SIOUX Takeover
Date: 1/17/00 7:19:33 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Bear Christensen)
100 Sioux Seize Pine Ridge Office
Filed at 7:26 p.m. EST
By The Associated Press
PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) -- About 100 Oglala Sioux who accuse the tribe of
financial mismanagement have taken over tribal headquarters and demanded that
the governing council step down.
The protesters said Monday they will remain there until they are satisfied
authorities will investigate their allegations.
On Monday afternoon, however, members of the tribal council voted to have the
protesters thrown out of the building. They voted to have tribal law officers
enforce tribal laws that ban the spread of false propaganda and actions that
interfere with the conduct of council business.
Council members said they expect the tribe's public safety director to evict
the protesters Monday night or Tuesday.
The group, which is allied with tribal President Harold Dean Salway, took
control of the tribal building at the Pine Ridge Reservation on Sunday. About
100 people stayed there Sunday night and Monday.
Members of the unarmed group are calling for an audit and have demanded the
immediate resignation of tribal Treasurer Wesley ``Chuck'' Jacobs and all 17
members of the tribal council. They also have asked the FBI to seize tribal
records dealing with law enforcement, housing and other programs.
``The bottom line is, we want accountability and responsibility by our
elected officials,'' said group spokesman Dale Looks Twice.
The takeover resulted from months of disagreement over financial issues.
Salway suspended Jacobs in October for allegedly mismanaging tribal funds,
but a tribal judge later reinstated the treasurer.
Eileen Janis, a spokeswoman for Salway, said the president and others have
become frustrated with Jacobs and the council majority that always supports
the treasurer. ``We want a complete audit of everything,'' she said.
Jacobs was not home Monday. His wife said he was at a tribal meeting.
Mark Vukelich, senior supervisory agent with the FBI in Rapid City, said
Monday afternoon that the protesters have not provided specific allegations.
Most of the tribe's 38,000 members live on the reservation, which
consistently ranks as one of the poorest areas of the nation.
Bear Christensen, Esq.

Group Takes Over Tribal Office
Date: 1/17/00 7:19:56 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Mike Wicks
Group Takes Over Tribal Office
5:12:04 PM
Jack Siebold
The fact that today is set aside to honor Doctor Martin Luther
King is not lost on a group of people on the Pine Ridge
Reservation. eileen janis=grass roots group]

"It's not a day of rest, it's a day of activism," says Eileen Janis,
member of the Grass Roots Group. "So everybody should get
out and be an activist."

Today they continue to occupy the tribal office building,
demanding that the tribe get a handle on finances, regain
jurisdiction in Bennett and Jackson Counties, and that the United
States Government deal with them as a sovereign nation." dale
looks twice=grass roots group]

"The group of concerned people will no longer stand up for the
corruption that's happening. the things that are happening today,"
says another Grass Roots Group member, Dale Looks Twice.
"So we're going to be here for a while."

The Grass Roots Group handed the F.B.I. a list of eight
allegations of tribal money mismanagement, which they blame on
Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer, Chuck Jacobs."

Chuck Jacobs, the tribal treasurer says, "These allegations of
financial mismanagement. right now it's not financial
mismanagement, it's financial survival. This administration started
with $2,850,000 in the red."

"While about 150 people support the takeover of the tribal
building, council members believe they have support as well, and
hinted at taking the building back by force." gerald big
crow=tribal council member]

"We hope most of this, today is resolved between us and them,
by this evening," says Gerald Big Crow, a tribal council member,
"and we hope nobody gets hurt or sent to jail."

But the Grass Roots Group is planning to stay until not just their
voices are heard, but until something is finally done.

Pine Ridge: What's behind this...
Date: 1/17/00 7:36:41 PM Pacific Standard TimeFrom:

Just talked with Martina Looking Horse in Green Grass...several have asked
what is behind the occupation..the news has carried information about the
occupation without stating the bottom line. John just did.

This is an effort to overthrow the 1934 Wheeler act which declared the people
incompetent to manage their own affairs and put into place an office to
handle them called the BIA and its corrupt system of government. Cheyenne
River is watching closely and sending support as well as Rosebud. If this
succeeds they will be an independent fully sovereign nation with rights to
independently make treaties with other nations around the world on their own
merits free of the US and its imposed system.
I told her prayers were going out from all over for their success...and how
important it is for other nations watching that this be handled
well...because it is a movement that has the potential to spread like
wildfire across this land. Eradicate the BIA...and do it from the ground
up..grass roots.

Martina spoke, as an activist who is afraid to live on her own reservation
because of threats and harassment she has received in her opposition to the
tribal council She says there is one 93 year old grandmother caring for her
great grand children on her SSI pension, they get 30$ a month in food stamps
for each kid..that is all..and the kids parents go out and drink because
there are no jobs and under the present system there is no hope.
this occupation IS the hope of the future..strong independent nations whose
leaders say what can I do to help you? Not, live in expensive homes and
retire on pensions and then say to people eating beans every night, "sorry,
there is no money for you."
Leaders who help the young people to get housing, not two and three families
to a house with no running water and the council that builds housing for
their own families on their own land with the funding received from the BIa
that should have gone to the people.

this is what this is is about true sovereignty...make the spark
ignite throughout the nations on this continent!

Date: 1/17/00 7:37:19 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: oakbuddy@CITRUS.INFI.NET (KDawn)
Here is the latest email I received about this....from someone there at Pine

Good to hear from you. Chief Oliver Red Cloud, Dale Looks Twice, Guy White
Thunder, Johnson Holy
Rock, to name a few elders and leaders, have occupied the Tribal Office in
Pine Ridge. Everyone's tired
of the corruption in Tribal government and they want to remove the IRA
government and return to more
traditional ways. Elaine Quiver said that people from Rosebud have contacted
her and are on their way
to Pine Ridge to assist in the overthrow. Then Rosebud wants help to do the
same in Rosebud. Dale said
they will remain there until they get results in what they are asking for. The
takeover was peaceful and
promises to remain peaceful.

Unfortunately, on KEVN News, Jump Big Crow and Chuck Jacobs, the Treasurer
everyone wants
removed, were credited with saying that the occupiers will be removed by force
before tomorrow
morning. The statements were made about an hour ago at the Tribal Casino where
the Finance Committee
of the OST were meeting to discuss this issue. Our Executive Director, William
Brewer, had earlier said
he was going to keep our police officers out of the situation and was seen at
about that time shaking
hands with the Finance Committee members. I hope he hasn't changed his
position on the issue. Some
people were calling for the removal of our Executive Director. That may have
influenced a change of
heart on his part.

KILI radio ended its broadcast at the Tribal Office and will resume tomorrow
morning at six am. The
DJ's will keep broadcast any updates as the occur.

Date: 1/17/00 8:49:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Cheri Unrue)
I was asked to post this at 6:05 pm. The tribal office at Pine Ridge was
just taken over, records being held and they are in need of men to go
help. ANYONE who can help with gas or otherwise to get them there across
country please notify me. I am starting Western Union runs. I can take
or give names of those needing help with gas, etc. Any men able to lend
hand please head to Pine Ridge.....
To verify please call Floyd Hand at 605-867-5821 (tribal Office#)

KILI: Pine Ridge, Monday Update2
Date: 1/17/00 9:26:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: "John E Hussman"

It is now almost ten pm and Dale is on KILI radio reading a memo written by
President Salway regarding administrative leave. Dale is saying Justice
Department officials will be flying in tomorrow to oversee the occupation
and ensure no violence occurrs. The FBI will also be returning tomorrow
morning to continue its involvement in the investigation of Tribal financial

Dale is renouncing Jump Big Crow and Chuck Jacobs for trying to bring
violence and threats of violence to the occupiers. Dale is asking supporters
to come to the Tribal Office tomorrow morning and lend thier support. Dale
said the occupation is being handled under an eagle feather and with

Dale is now reading a petition to be filed in Tribal Court tomorrow morning
asking that Chuck be removed as a signatory of record from all Tribal
accounts and the petitionor will be Chief Oliver Red Cloud. Dale promises a
lot of activity at the Tribal Office tomorrow and reminds the Councilmen and
Executive Board members they will not be granted admittance to the Tribal
Office until the occupation is finished. Dale said since the threats of
violence more people came to the Tribal Office to assist in their safety.

Dale is saying civil rights people will be flying in from Washington
tomorrow. He must be referring to the Community Relations Service people.


cc: Occupied Tribal Offices