Subj: CBCNEWS - Fire in the sky
Date: 1/18/00 8:04:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

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WebPosted Tue Jan 18 20:55:04 2000

CARCROSS, YUKON TERRITORY--Residents of Canada's north got a spectacular
show in the morning sky Tuesday. They saw what is believed to be a
meteorite streaking overhead.

One witness said, "We were screaming and yelling. It was the most
amazing thing I've ever seen in the sky."

Some people reported hearing a boom. Others said they smelled rotten
eggs. Whitehorse resident Ron Jacob said he would have questioned his
sanity had he been alone in the bush.

It's believed the meteorite crashed to earth somewhere near the village
of Carcross, south of Whitehorse. An official with the territorial
government says there are no reports of it hitting any settled areas,
nor are there any reports of damage or injury.

Scientists warn anyone finding debris from the meteorite should leave it
alone. It may be dangerous.