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> To Whom It May Concern,
> While I appreciate your interest in the Occupation of
> the Tribal Office in Pine Ridge, by Oglala Lakota peoples the
> following information being circulated on the internet is false,
> inflammatory and can do more harm than good in this siutation.
> The FBI were requested by those occupying the Tribal Offices so
> that documentation being confiscated could be turned over to them
> for investigations. There is NO "stand-off" between the occupiers
> and the FBI. Those of us who are in communication with the traditional
> people/members of the Oglala Lakota Nation who are occupying the tribal
> office know that the information contained in what you are circulating
> is false.
> To circulate this type of misinformation, alluding to possibilities of
> a "Waco-type" situation, etc. is dangerous and unnecessary.
> Please retract and check your sources before venturing to post something
> that is not factual. Thank you.
> In Struggle,
> Kathy Morning Star
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