Subj: Sick
Date: 1/6/00 3:53:55 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Wyzyrd)

From: Wyzyrd

In the For What It's Worth Department:
I work for a local private ambulance company here in our town of 300,000+ and since the second of January, our business has gone through the roof. There are five major hospitals in town, and we transfer people from hospital to home or nursing home, or to another hospital in surrounding counties or states. We are not a 911 service at this time.
What I have observed is a major influx of people to all the hospitals, and a major outflux of people being shoved home and to nursing homes, it seems to me, to make room for the new ones coming in droves.
There are signs on the entrances and the elevators stating, to paraphrase them, if you have flu symptoms or are sick and/or running a fever, get out now! We have enough sick people! This is my paraphrase, but a fairly accurate one. Our company can barely keep up with the demand since the second of January for transports OUT of the hospital of, IMHO, people who need to be there a while longer.
I, personally, have not noticed any unusual contrails here. On the other hand, we have an AFB and a half a dozen major aircraft manufacturers here. So contrails are ubiquitous. (c:

Kent...if you decide to post this go ahead and use Wyzyrd if you like, but please keep my email addy under your hat. [Decision amended, 1/7/00] Thanks!! BTW, I am in Wichita, Kansas. McConnel AFB, Boeing, Beech, Raytheon, Learjet, Bombardier, goes on. (c: We like to call it....ground zero. (c: