Subj: Update: Bismarck, Titantic, Monitor
Date: 11/9/99 8:38:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (David Foster)
To: (Bara, Mike)
CC: (Steadman, Kent)


I think I was wrong. Let me quote your article part I:

"Titanic" - Will supposedly impact in Siberia, with a 90% probability of
impact given.

"Bismarck" - Is targeted for central Manitoba. 30%
probability given because of the flat
trajectory of the object (70% chance it will "bounce" off
the atmosphere).

"Monitor" - Will fall in the East Atlantic, just off the
Northwestern Coast of Africa.

Lets change the order, and follow their order if they were coming in
from the east, which they will (more on that later)


These names have bothered me from day one, something in the back of my
mind said that the names were a clue.

Tonight I went outside to watch Orion Rise, just because so much of
Orion's position had been made by Hoagland regarding its significance in
possible ritualistic natures inside NASA. Since I live in Houston and
Richard says that this is one of the Temple sites for NASA, I was
wondering what would happen when Orion was 33 degrees above the horizon
here tonight.

I was thinking about Orion, its symbolism, its ties to Egypt. I
remembered in being in Taurus... and boom, it hit me: What comes out of
Orion and Taurus:

Bismarck Beta
Titanic Taurid
Monitor Meteors

Not only were these famous Atlantic sinkings, they were famous DOOMED

Someone was having fun with names. All kinds of things came to mind,
Rats deserting a SINKING SHIP, and all the talk we have heard about
secret underground government sanctuaries.

I did a quick internet search on Beta Taurid, and came across the
following web site.
I am pretty sure Kent Steadman had featured part of this sites claims a
long while back:

This is a very long discourse, but read the material. There is enough
here that one could infer that the rituals noted by Hoagland, are not
Egyptian in Nature, but cabalistic coptic Christian. This in fact would
make it even more 19th Century Masonic.

Look carefully at the references to Millerites and notice the numerous
times the number 33 shows up.

I have no idea if we are on to something here, but you know what
Einstein said about coincidences.

More later hopefully...