Subj: Severe Drop in the Field after 00:00 UT 11/07/99

Date: 11/7/99 3:00:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Frank Condon)

Hi Guys:

Here is the URL for the "Delta Graph" which shows the change in the geomagnetic field over the past 24 hours:

It's also accessible from the home page as a newly activated button (image map). It appears to me that we are headed for a another severe substorm like what was experienced a few weeks ago. As a result increased (global) volcanic activity is on the horizon. Currently, the field is in the "nearly zero" nano Tesla range. Within the next few weeks, I plan to implement a triaxial magnetometer that is better geared towards the monitoring of the local Geomagnetic Field.


Frank Condon

Subj: Major Increase in ULF Activity On 11/06/99 to 11/07/99

Date: 11/7/99 3:13:46 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Frank Condon)

CC: (Kent Steadman)

HI Charlie:

Had another M4.0 earthquake (aftershock) before 11 PM PST near Ludlow, CA. Also, noticed a major increase in the background ULF/ELF field all day on Saturday.

Please take a look at this:

I'm definitely staying up very late in case something needs immediate attention.


Frank Condon

PS. Listened to Char on Art Bell and I thoroughly enjoyed her interview by Hilly Rose.