"Was that a Sign ?"

In a world that seems to "expect" the oncoming days and weeks to reveal the workings of Armageddon; many are the signposts along the way…..Or are they ?

Insinuations of Biblical prophecy and the mysterious Quatrains of Nostradamus fill the air and our minds as we search in earnest for "a sign of the times". Movies, books and websites are full of apocalyptic conveyances. But these aren’t the only "messages" we are hearing on the subject…. The Mayans, the Hopis, The Aborigines – all our "old" native cultures are speaking of the "times we are in" as one of Change and Transition.

Channeled messages, UFO mysteries, leaks form the Government and "reliable sources" – all beckoning us to search……but for what ?

The most recent probability of one of the "signs" was in the "prospect of a November 7th comet or asteroid impact" that had been more than hinted at on websites such as Orbit and The Enterprise Mission; promulgated by such men as Kent Steadmen and Richard Hoagland – men who work tirelessly each day to try to reveal the "truth" – based on investigation, "inside sources", scientific data and speculation. Men who are not "paid’ to do this sort of "fringe reporting" – but do it because they feel that (as the X-files TV show boldly states) "The Truth is Out There – and should be made available to the public. When supposedly erroneous in their conjecture of the information provided – the ‘witch-hunt" ensues - a slam campaign - to make men like this look like the "criminal"

… but are they ?

TRUTH has become a "dirty word. Facts are made to look like fiction, fiction is passed off as fact – Myths are now revealing the "truth" of our Being, and the revelation, in doing so, puts many in harm’s way. A collaboration of ‘dis-information" abounds as those that would willingly issue such deceptions hide behind "supposed scientific data and status" as a shield of adherence to a system that seems designed to misinform and dis-empower the very people who seek to know.

"Strange times are these in which we live

when old and young are taught in falsehoods school.

And the one man that dares to tell the truth

is called at once a lunatic and a fool." - Plato

And these, the words, from a man that was born in 428 BC !

Inherent in Plato's thoughts and writings is the "power of reason" to reveal the clarity and order governing the "changing world of appearance" and to create, at both the political and the individual level, a harmonious and happy life -

to create and re-create through the MIND and the THOUGHTS !

2400 years have passed and we still have not achieved this !

Those that would seek to "conceal the truth and discredit those that extol it" – are a problem as old as Humanity itself. It is not new – and nor is the "battle between Light and Dark" - that is ongoing in Society, in the World… and in the Heart, Mind and Soul of every Human that ever lived …. A battle that you may not even knows you are "fighting" – or responsible for participating in.

In due time, all truth will reveal the lies and in all lies can be found the truth.

So does it matter whether or not the supposed November 7th date was a cleverly misplaced "set of facts" or another way to discredit those that would print such "knowledge"….. Or is there another more hidden agenda at hand ?

There are many sources of the "exposed truths" behind all of our modern way of life.

The Leading Edge International Research Group is a good place to start, if you really want to "research" the many "methods" that have been deployed "against" Humanity at large in the field of medicine, food, science, politics, mind control and the like – all "obscured" from public view – until someone decides to investigate and speak out on such atrocities… to be one that dares to tell the truth. Subliminal messaging, ELF, created illnesses, tainted vaccines, addictive products, life-threatening prescriptions, diet methods, mind control – the list goes on and on. There’s not enough room in this article to even begin to address the many areas of life that Humanity has been "controlled" – or the many modes of control upon us. Nor will I discuss the "who’s who" behind such machinations – as the compilation of that list is even longer…and the names change as the era does.

What you may want to address is that there may be a "new style" of domination and manipulation that is ongoing – without your knowledge - but with your full "permission" – - it is the "control of your Mind. Not the kind of "mind control" that turns you into a zombie assassin (oh, that’s out there, too !) – nor one that uses any "machine" - but one that uses the God-given Gift of Creation - - The Power of Thought. With nothing more than a mere "suggestion" – a "seed has been planted" – and it is the "soil" of your fertile Mind that will bring it to fruition !

Metaphysically speaking : MIND IS THE BUILDER

Science is starting to see the holographic and quantum effects of Light, Sound and Thought upon Matter – - mind over matter. We are not independent of our race or species or from our planet, solar system or Universe. There is no separation between what happens to someone on a personal level or a global or universal one. There is a direct influence of our Thoughts affecting a change in the Whole… that Thoughts are Things (or become them).

Thoughts are "waves" that carry an essence upon them – the essence and vibration of what you are thinking ! ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT

This "knowledge" is not new – it has been known throughout the eastern religions and traditions for many a millennia. The ‘native cultures" spoken of earlier have a ‘working wisdom’ of this premise and interact with the Powers of Nature in ways that we can’t even imagine - - especially in our technological and scientific ways of clinical thinking – we have been disconnected to all of Nature. But the difference in our modern culture to these indigenous cultures is that they don’t need the "scientific explanations" of why their affinity to the Powers of Nature and the laws of the Universe work - - it just does - -

They just believe (THOUGHT) it to be true - - and in that belief (FAITH) was a Power beyond description…..the power to create or destroy with the THOUGHT and INTENTION of the HEART, MIND and SOUL. AS the Vibration is matched to that which is desired, the manifestation of that desire is produced. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

But there are those in this day and age that would use this "knowledge" to their "advantage" – to occultly "spread the seeds’ to the Public to serve a selfish means – and are well aware of what is being done… and why. Man has been and is under the influence of many factors and factions far beyond the ability to count how many eons. Many have had their "hands in the Human pie" as is being seen and discovered.

Lets take a "simple scenario"- - the alleged November 7th comet impact - (for those of you unfamiliar with the "details" of this – please visit the URLs below for the websites mentioned above) Here we have a "classic" example – there were enough "leaks" of information to show that this was, in all probability, not being held back from the public eye, but slowly, deliberately trickled out bits of information about these "space rocks" – plenty of material to cause public question and intrigue. Questions that would leave many people with even more questions (and not answers); with "imagined scenarios of the mind" of such impacts taking place – the fears, anxiety and ‘anticipation" of such events – a figuratively playing out of Armageddon in the Mind. Now these are just plain thoughts…. No harm done…..Right ?

The ability of the Mind to create starts with the THOUGHTS.

All manifestations begin with an IDEA.

All ideas become REALITY.


The prophets of "old" were limited by their knowledge of God and Divinity and their quotes" you reap what you sow" should be updated to mean "You "tend" what you intend… Intention is everything, and what is seen as a small thought can have great consequences.

Those that would use this power of yours – the Power of Thought - are, in essence doing "less work" to exact their means then was ever dreamed imaginable. By having a major part of the populace "concentrate" on the possibility of impact- - several things occur:

* Armageddon was just started – on the Inner Planes of your Being.

* Your "request or desire" was transferred into the Cosmos for manifestation.

* The Universal Laws do not govern the propriety of ideas and thoughts put into form – all is "free will".

* Your Thoughts were sent into the "Pool of Creation" to ‘aid" in the impacting of Earth.

* You made your "choice" – without knowing it – and sent your "reply" on its way !

This method of mental orchestration can be used to extract all sorts of things from the Creative Ethers - from the truly "heavenly to the unbelievable hells of materialization" - - there is no limit to what the Mind can create !

The "space rocks" that are factually present off of Earth, have not been "determined" as to a definite collision with Earth – unless enough people’s Thoughts deem them necessary to happen.



Armageddon is an inner battle that many mistake or will create as an external one.

What is hopefully to be gleaned by you, the reader; is the means to wisely discern that which is outside of yourself and not of yourself – and the means to re-claim your Power – in a time when many are the circumstances that would desire take it away both overt and covert.

Anytime you believe what is instantly presented to you - you "give away your Power"

(Warning : You may be doing it right now, based on what you are reading and believing to be ‘true" in these written words !)

When you give away your Power – you empower that which you have given it to.

Take the needed time and effort to "digest" what you intake into your Being.

Be sure to watch your Words, Thoughts and Actions – to see if they are wise. To see if they "help or hinder". There are no mistakes, only thoughts that produce actions that either progress or digress the life of the person having them and in eventuality, the World and Universe around him.

Man has always had free will and choice within his Life, whether He knows it or not.

Ultimately, the Truth will be found WITHIN – if you but dare to venture and seek.

Metaphysical Rules to Live By:




The great endeavor to "awaken" the Sleeping Seeds within people has begun - - not the ones placed there by some self-seeking mechanism - but Divine Ones planted a time long ago, awaiting the "right time and environment" to sprout. That time is NOW !

You are a "Mental Alchemist" - - -"As a Man thinketh, so He is"

  I wish you all continued success in your search for your own TRUTH of BEING.

Rev. HJ Grapes




"There is a great revolution coming to Humanity –

it is not to be fought with weapons or war –

but with Consciousness and Being."

- The Ancient One




The Enterprise Mission


Leading Edge International Research Group