Subj: [earthchanges] Monsanto's chefs banish GM food
Date: 12/21/99 11:52:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: RJ

Monsanto's chefs banish GM food
By Andrew Hibberd

GENETICALLY modified food has been banned from the staff restaurant of
Monsanto, the company spearheading GM crop trials in Britain.

Granada Food Services decided to remove modified products from the menu
in Monsanto's canteen at its base in High Wycombe, Bucks, "in response
to concern raised by customers". The ban applies to all food outlets
operated by Granada Food Services. Catering at the Monsanto facility is
managed by Sutcliffe Catering, one of its subsidiaries.

Mike Batchelor, Granada's quality systems director, said: "In response
to concern raised by our customers over the use of GM foods and to
comply with Government legislation, we have taken the decision to
remove, as far as practicable, GM soya and maize from all food products
served in our restaurant."

Friends of the Earth, which has campaigned against the use of GM
ingredients in food and the farm-scale crop trials, claimed the decision
by Granada Food Services proved that even Monsanto's own caterers had
"no confidence" in the company's products.

Tony Combes, director of corporate affairs for Monsanto, denied the
decision was an embarrassment for the company. He described it as
"ironic" that Granada had chosen to restrict customer choice to decide
for themselves whether they ate GM products.

He said that at Monsanto's Cambridge offices the canteen was run
in-house and had a different policy on GM foods. "We believe in choice.
At our Cambridge restaurant the notice says some products 'may contain
GMOs' because our staff are happy to eat foods sprayed with fewer
chemicals," he said.

London Telegraph