Subj: MPL News?
Date: 12/19/99 2:57:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

Surprised that someone hasn't already sent this to you. It says the
MPL is working just find only for NSA. Check it out and post if you
think appropriate.

By the way, I have seen what appears to be the same type "creature"
on Pathfinder images.

From: dont@wanna.die (Concerned)
Subject: Mars Polar Lander and what herr government isn't telling you
Date: 17 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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I'll probably be killed for what I'm about to reveal, but here goes...

The MPL has all along been working flawlessly. Immediately after
landing a special NSA subsystem override took over operation of the
craft from its normal operating software. Transmit and receive
frequencies were shifted and all signals encrypted. What the NSA
override software keys on is unknown, but the pictures and data coming
from the probe are most telling...

-The entire landing site seems to be inhabited by small turtle like
creatures. Whether are not they are reptilian is unknown. The
creatures show no interest in the probe and seem to spend their time
grazing on a moss-like substance.

-The site is littered by what can only be called industrial waste.
Pipe, metal cylinders, what look like I-beams, and many other
miscellaneous man made(?) objects. The NSA is sure the junk isn't
Russian or American, so if it isn't ours, whose is it? The site also
seems to have been deserted for many many years.

-The lander has twice imaged and object moving at high speed. The
object is right at the edge of the resolving power of the optical
system... in other words the pictures were taken at very long range.
Estimates put the speed of the object at between 40-80 km/per hour.
It's dark in color and seems to move like a wheeled vehicle.

This is all the information I have at this time.