Date: 12/18/99 10:33:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Milton Freewater, Ore.

Last night we had a severe storm, a "witch" storm I believe, totally unpredicted by the weather
gurus--sideways rain, howling winds, etc.! This is Dec.; we are
supposed to have snow and ice here if anything, not this stuff, NOT this
time of year. The god awful explosions were not up in the air like
normal thunder would be. They were as if they were everywhere, meaning
"in the very air itself," at ground level and above, it made us kneel
down every time we were hit, real powerful matey! It was like a physical
blow to the body, you could not keep your eyes open when these hit. Many
powerful lighting-like (non-lighting) flashes throughout this event. After
the largest of these unbelievable bangs, everything became blue. HUH ?
Yes, BLUE, the TV, stove, dogs (who were just shivering), walls, my
wife, me, everything was a brilliant and beautiful blue, quite profound.
(No purple microdot from the seventies was ever this good or able to
produce such an amazing effect as this, ha, ha !) After that the storm
stopped as if a switch had been thrown, bang, stopped cold! The blue
vision started to fade about 2 minutes after that. All was still, within
ten minutes the temps went from 40-42 degrees to 60 + ! No winds at all.
At that time my sister called me, she did not know what we were
experiencing here, she lives about 70 miles away, far from the mtns, in
the Columbia Basin. She said she called because she could see a large
dome shaped "BLUE bubble (for lack of better words) over the area where
I am and wondered if we were all right. (Storm warnings were going off
like crazy on the tube). Another dome (just like the one over me) she
told me was placed right over the Hanford (Rattlesnake Mtn.) Nuclear
reservation. She said the one over me was moving real fast, agitated,
the one over Hanford was not moving at all, stationary. Only after our's
here disappeared did the other blue dome begin to move some. Later
simply vanishing from sight. What could possibly be the "blue"
connection about all this since she also saw this from her "in-between"
(about 50 to 70 miles from her either way) position of these two blue,
spheres. One last note, other effects were noticed, but I won't go into
those now, they could be just effects of the moment on me. Yer quite
busy Kent, no need to reply, just a report for the Orbit crew to log in
it's ever growing list of odd events. (Went to your page this morning
and saw the Soviet scalar weapon stuff and the weird weather ripples
over NW, as always ya got'em in your crosshairs again methinks). Good
cheer and all that, now buckle up for impact.


12/18/99 5:01:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Re: The "Storm" report

Last night, on a just-before closing trip to the hardware store, I noted several distinct white flashes in the general direction of Milton-Freewater, Or. These stood out in my mind at the time, but it wasn't until reading your published report today that I recalled them. Unfortunately the "domes" weren't apparent to me, although I was only 20 miles from Rattlesnake Mountain and a couple hundred yards from the edge of the Hanford Nuclear reservation. The weather here in the Tri-Cities, WA was not especially notable, although winds have been very strong and temperatures quite warm for this time of year.


Subj: Re:weirdness in Northwest
Date: 12/19/99 11:08:59 AM Pacific Standard Time


>After the largest of these unbelievable bangs, everything became blue.
>HUH? Yes, BLUE, the TV, stove, dogs (who were just shivering), walls, my
>wife, me, everything was a brilliant and beautiful blue, quite profound.
>continued at:The blue emanations from everything as described in the

These blue emanations have also been part of a few of my families major
abduction experiences. We were allowed to walk these ones totally aware or
the experience as it unfolded.

Later I studied the blue emanation for a few years. I feel that this light
is a "Ka-rillion" emanation. ("Phonetic Spelling") a by product of some
High energy source. I discovered the emanation described in an article about
a Russian high energy scientist at the library. The accompaniment of a photo
cemented this for me.

The found the same type light in another photo when I was staying in Las
Alamos last year. The article showed a cooling pool for nuclear rods. There
it was near the bottom of the cooling pond. (Heavy water?) Maybe the
humidity in the air is getting excited during our experiences?

On a different drift.

I believe that both our experiences happened here (Location) as we know it.
But it happened in what I have grown to call "In between" as far as time is
concerned. The experiences occurred in an instant of our time. We and our
surroundings were taken out of our normal time line. The blue emulation was
a byproduct of the device used to put us there.

>The God awful explosions were not up in the air like normal thunder would
be. They
>were as if they were everywhere, meaning "in the very air itself, " at
ground level and
>above, it made us kneel down every time we were hit, real powerful matey! It
>like a physical blow to the body, you could not keep your eyes open when
>hit. Many powerful lighting-like (non-lighting) flashes throughout this
event. After the
>largest of these unbelievable bangs, everything became blue.

The load booming - I was exposed to a technology during a few abductions that
allowed the creatures involved and humans to step in and out of a location
not unlike the stargate concept.

The device utilized a high DC current that would bridge about a 3' span when
activated. Thus as the DC arch bridged the span "the lightning like boom".
It would do this each time a portal would be opened. Then the creatures or
human would simply walk into the void that the device had created. This was
a machine. Not magic. They were beings not gods using they were using an
advanced technologies.


Subj: Soviet scalar Threat.

TOUCHE'!!!!!! This is what I have been saying for a VERY, VERY LONG
time! Thank you Sir for bringing this subject up!


Subj: Re: Soviet scalar Threat.
Date: 12/19/99 9:26:15 PM Pacific Standard Time


Could it be possible that this disturbance reported in Oregon was
caused by HAARP experimentation?

I don't necessarily mean HAARP directly targeted the area but by
sending the electronic waves into the higher atmosphere perhaps they
bounce off' or in some other way affect weather in various locales.
To do certain experiments with these sound waves then watch the
reports from various locations would be one way to see how they are
really affecting earth. And because the news media is very censored
about some things, the best way to discern what is happening would be
to have people on several of the mailing lists that often discuss
these things reporting to them what they read.

I have noticed, here in NE Texas, strange cloud formations, that just
don't look natural, over the past few months since we've seen so much
of the chem trails. These clouds seem more like pictures painted and
are various small sizes, the color is very, very white and there
are also streaks of what looks like thin vapors stretching across
the sky.

I've also heard strange sounding thunder on more than one occasion
which sounds like a violent thunder storm yet no bad storm clouds in
the sky. This is usually at night and one of these times I went
outside and could see the stars. Its almost like a veil separating
levels or dimensions is thinning and we're hearing on another level.

I was raised here in this area and I've been in a lot of violent
thunder storms but never anything that sounded like some of
this recently. Usually, we can hear thunder in the distance and
after a time it becomes louder and louder then usually brings a rain
shower, then slowly the sounds become more distant again as the
clouds move on away. This type thunder is not the same thing, it
doesn't bring rain and it starts as though its right over the house
and after a few minutes, its totally gone, there's no preliminary nor
post sounds involved.


Subj: Re: weirdness in Northwest
Date: 12/19/99 9:26:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

This may not be connected, but a bunch of us onboard the USS Ponce, in
1977, observed a very large underwater blue glow come up from behind the
ship, and then passed us at a high rate of speed. You could see it keep
on going for a long time. Electric powder blue.

Some speculated that it was a submarine, and that it was disturbing
phosphorescent planton that lit up as it passed. Except it glowed pretty
steady. We had a glwo like they spoke of in the fantail of our own ship,
and it flickered and faded. It did not burn steady like that. But
whatever. I have always suspected that it was a underwater UFO (USO?).

Any body else ever see anything like that? Any sailors out there?

Subj: Strange Event
Date: 12/19/99 7:20:33 PM Pacific Standard Time


As I write this the time in now 9:03PM CST. I am going to take my time
writing this to make sure I get down all of the pertinent information.

At approximately 8:55pm CST (by the clock in my vehicle) I arrived at my
home after a brief trip to the store. I pulled into my driveway, got out
of my vehicle and stopped to look up at the moon which was nearly
directly overhead. I looked at the moon for about 20 seconds.

During the time I noted the sky conditions in my area were almost 80%
overcast with the moon shining through an opening in the clouds. I
noticed that the sky directly north of the moon is completely overcast.

As I said, I was looking at the sky and moon for about 20 seconds. I
then dropped my head to level and was looking up my driveway to head
inside, when a very brief but intense blue flash was reflected in the
large windows of my number two vehicle, 5 feet in front of me and
slightly to my right (the direction I was looking). I had taken only
one step and immediately froze in my tracks.

I looked around 360 degrees to see if some sort of neighborhood
CHristmas decoration had caused this reflection. I was like a very blue
flash bulb had gone off, only it did not have the lingering effect of a
flash bulb. I would guess that the duration of the flash to be less than
a tenth of a second, a quick pulse. My looking around took about 5 to 10

I then took 5 more steps toward my gate when I though to look up. Time
since flash is now no more that 15-20 seconds. What I saw stopped me
again. Just north of the moon, where the sky had been completely
overcast just 15 seconds prior, was a perfectly round "hole" in the
cloud cover.

Since I do not know the altitude of the cover ( cover is usually between
3000 and 12000 feet up), I can only estimate that the "hole" had a
diameter of between 1500 feet to one mile. I have to stress that it was
perfectly circular and came into existence in that 15 second gap.

I watched from 8:56pm to 9:00pm as timed by my watch. During that time,
it appeared that the natural winds aloft changed the shape from circular
to oval and started to fill in the "hole". I stepped inside at 9:00pm
and it was now only an ill defined gap in the cloud cover.

I have no clue as to what this was, if anything. Maybe someone else has
ideas. This event tok place in the Southwestern suburbs of Houston.

Time is now 9:19PM CST.