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Date: 12/13/99 5:00:24 AM Pacific Standard Time
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G'day, Kento!!

Heck, I don't know, can't get any mainstream news here either. Wrote a missive to everyone the other day (did you get it?), with all I had on it, but also mentioned then they were closing the doors to news. A 1 kilometer no-go zone around the site was set in place immediately, which included the media to stay away.

I got friends over there, and asked them to see what they could dig up. No news yet.

Now, couple years back when a fireball (green) went across the west here and everyone, I mean everyone, saw it, the news was changed minute by minute. Same stories as the reasons for this one. I phoned the observatory back then, and was told by the head astronomer that a meteor hitting wouldn't be bigger than your thumbnail, and impossible to find if it hit. When it hit it would make a massive shake and noise, even when so small.

Now, no one in the town of Guyra heard anything, or felt anything, or saw anything. 2000 people out in the bush (like where I am), no noise to speak of to cover it all up.

Now how come the trail was so big, the skip marks were "brick-shaped" (as described on tv here), the tunnel was big enough for police divers to swim 12 metres into. They turned back when they felt unsafe, and hadn't reached the end of the tunnel.

You remember skipping rocks on water as a kid? With each hit, the rock loses force until it drops into the water.

This thing had to come through our atmosphere (at less than 45 deg angle, at that), skip 15 metres several times, leaving a trail, hit the water surface tension, then the water drag, then the mud drag, and still made that huge tunnel!!! Go figure!!

Had a friend over near you write tonight to ask if I had heard anything on the "green ball of light" in Oz, and sent me the article on Guyra. Hoping for an answer to where he heard about the ball of light, if no one saw it.

Seems it hit sometime between Monday and Thursday, no one knows for sure.

As I hear more, I will let you know. Here's hoping my contacts can get me more!!

Wouldn't surprise me if it was green (or yellow) ball of light.....I figure this was another scalar test, like Darwin and NZ about 12 months ago.


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Heyyyy, m'Lady-ooo:

Sounds like you got War of the Worlds in Guyra.

Suddenly no news nowheres.

Had a golf ball (reports here, golf, ball) size meteor bonk a car in
countryside NY State last year, sort of bounced off like a hailstone, didn't
leave a deep hole in the ground.

Sheesh, what's up.



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Date: 12/13/99 5:18:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
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See how the news has been changing. As of Friday, 10th, the police divers were in the dam here, swimming up the tunnel, and this was the major story on noontime news tv (ABC). So they had already decided on the story before the divers went in. The divers went in Friday morning at first light till about 1:30 in the afternoon, when they gave up. (I do note this article is US AP).

Again, not what they said about the tunnel originally, but interesting what is said here, nevertheless.