Subj: Incident at Guyra (latest find)
Date: 12/9/99 12:19:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

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Divers find cavern in hunt for
mystery object

Police divers searching the water supply dam at Guyra, on
the New South Wales northern tablelands, have found
what they describe as a subterranean cavern, or tunnel,
below the water line.

The divers were called in after suspicions that a meteorite
or a piece of space junk had crashed into the dam.

Late this afternoon, the police divers found the cavern,
indicating that an object had entered the water and the floor
of the dam at high speed.

They say it travelled through the earth for about 12 metres
after impact.

No object has yet been found. The divers have now
suspended their search until tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, this afternoon health authorities announced
water in the Guyra dam is not contaminated.

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9th Dec 1999

<radio transcript snips>

Melbourne researchers, JOHN AUCHETTL [LtCol] and RON BARNETT [Dr] from

Phenomena Research Australia (PRA) reported on Radio National today.

"We flew up from Melbourne yesterday and have been up at the location for

over 24 hours. We plan to do a 'fly over' to get some vision on the ground

effect. But at present the site is cold and from reports the event has taken

place some time between Monday and midday yesterday.

We went over the impact site in some detail. It is located in the Guyra water

supply dam on the outskirts of the town, north of Armidale (NSW Australia).

We arrived at the location very early on the 8th [Dec] and checked out the

location with a number of research tools. The radiation level at the site was

at normal back ground level. That night, an IR camera was used to look for

hot spots, none were located. Samples has been taken and will be looked at.

We did find the site interesting. Normally, we would not travel to such

sites, but the information sent to us from DoD warranted a look. So yes, the

impact has some strange aspects to it that need to be looked at. For example:

· Angle of entry to the dam was very shallow less than 45 degrees.

· For such an impact to occur in a population of about 2000 no one recalls

a sound of a sonic boom or explosion.

· The surface has burn marks; this is very unusual for a meteorite impact.

· I had a good look at the reeds on the bank. They are down in a strange

shape not quite like an explosion but have the characteristics of a

compression wave.

· The mud splash is also interesting as it lets us know how much energy was

in the impact but the sting in the tail, with this impact, is on the other

side [bank], the object may have skipped on the water.

· There was no witness to the impact.

After our examination, I cannot rule out an explosive device, or some

elaborate hoax. Viewing the site makes me feel confident that it's not man

made. We need to get the samples looked at and someone needs to go down into

the mud and water and have a look. My first hypothesis is that it a

meteorite. But that just conjecture.

We felt that the area should be shut down until the police cleared it, and

they have done that at last. The media - radio and TV - have taken to this

story with some vigour and it's turned into a bit of a "zoo". Some of the

stories are starting to develop and the precision will soon be lost. One,

media reporter wanted me to run the alien story line. I can tell you right

now there is no report of 'little green men'; in fact, there is not report of

the event from any locals, around the area at present.

The alleged object was not seen entering the dam and while the subject is

'press hot' and everyone is running around the area, little can be done. I

can say until further evidence is presented the matter remains unresolved and

at the moment a police and EPA problem. With time we will follow up any data

that may end the mystery."


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