Subj: Fwd: Interview with Seattle MD
Date: 12/5/99 7:45:09 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (John Carlo)

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Interview with Seattle MD:
"This is the beginning of a police state"

My name is Richard DeAndrea. I'm a medical doctor. What I saw up here was
martial law. This turned into a police state. Everything you have seen on
television regarding local news broadcasts including national public radio
was a blackout. The police were using concussion grenades. They were
shooting tear gas canisters directly at protesters' faces. They were using
so-called rubber bullets. These are actually hard plastic. Some of the
damage I saw: these plastic bullets took off part of one person's jaw,
smashed teeth in other people's mouths. I saw the police arrest people who
had their hands up in the air screaming we are peacefully protesting. The
amount of looting that took place was so minimal I don't even know where
they got the footage from. I am saying this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This
is a definite sign that America is heading towards a police state unless
people start standing up for their rights as individuals. I am actually
shocked and ashamed. I am ashamed of the police force, I am ashamed of the
mayor I am ashamed of Bill Clinton. I am ashamed of the whole thing.

Jared: These rubber bullets - what are they?

Dr. DeAndrea: They are made of polyester type material. They are like a hard
plastic toy. The idea is to hit your body, do damage, not actually
penetrate. But I did see penetration wounds, I did see people bleeding. I
did see teeth loss, I did see broken bones. There were children present,
there were families present, they were firing upon families, mothers,
grandmothers,. They were just firing at them. They came out in full police
force. They brought out swat teams, they had the national guard up here,
there was CIA surrounding the delegates' buildings. It was very obvious that
there was an institutional control that had no regard of human rights

In addition we have video footage of protesters being taken away as well as
human rights being violated. Prisoners were taken and they were tortured.
There is a case, I believe his name is Holm, Keith Holm. He was tortured
because he would not give his name. They handcuffed, laid him on the floor,
they smashed his face against the concrete, they grabbed his hair, they
ripped out a lock of hair. and then placed pencils between his fingers and
pressed on them until he would give his name. He refused. They were also
banging his head against metal objects. He was actually the first protester
released because the Internal Affairs came in to do an investigation and
they wanted him gone because he would be able to give testimony.

We're treating people in a studio loft downtown. I just treated an ear
wound. People have been treated for concussion injuries. There have been
people who have been treated for plastic bullet wounds. Lots of tear gas
injuries, lots of damage to cornea, lots of damage to the eyes and skins.
They were using a pepper spray, a tear gas and they were also using some
sort of nerve gas. We had reports of many demonstrators winding up with
seizures the next day. It causes muscles to clamp up, muscle contraction,

They have done several illegal things regarding these people in jail. They
have been telling them that they would not be let out, not have their bail
set if they didn't give their names. Its their legal right not to give their
name. They don't have to speak at all. Attorneys came up and said we are
representing these people. The police called the attorneys liars. At this
point they have still refused to let any of them see their clients. There
are close to 600 people who were arrested and they have been holding them
for two days on charges that are mostly misdemeanors, such as refusal to
disperse. A lot of people in there have not gotten medical attention either.
I have gotten calls from young ladies in there who have had all sorts of
emotional problems as well as physical problems. They have called me for
medical attention from inside the jail. There are people still sitting in
there who have not even been processed.

Today there were fewer attacks by police, but they did arrest more people.
And there was no violence today by the marchers and all through the day
yesterday it was the same. What you are seeing on television about looting
and anarchistic protesters - there's astraight-out blackout and they are
basically pushing that [line]. There is not much damage to property here.
There are not many windows that have been damaged or stores that have been
looted. Those are extremely rare cases.

I used to believe newspapers were telling the truth. But now I am no longer
behind that. This is the beginning of a police state. You can quote me on