Subj: pulsar drive
Date: 12/4/99 12:40:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Phikent

FRIEND: Hey...

Like the latest news? "Still No News From The Mars Lander."

The American people are such suckers, eh Kento-o? : )
Phikent: think they'd send a better cellphone up there, a half-watt would only light up one tree light.
Phikent: Now they are bitching on CNN, not enough money
FRIEND: Well, we're most probably building bases up there, militarizing Mars, at the "peoples" expense. If only the "tree huggers" knew!
FRIEND: Who's bitching'? The CNN employees...or the stockholders?
Phikent: NASA
FRIEND: You mean...they want a monopoly on NEWS?
FRIEND: Ohhhh...I see.
FRIEND: Now enough millions to build toy cars, model rockets and parachutes?
FRIEND: You must mean...while the NSA and Naval Intel get real UFOs and Starwars weapons, you mean?
FRIEND: I agree. NASA should be given their own Triangle UFO fleet.
Phikent: yea, all to get blasted away by one of these cool Draco skiffs:
FRIEND: This masquerade has gone on long enough.
FRIEND: "Draco" skiffs?
FRIEND: refer to lizard-oids : )
Phikent: Yea, GoG
Phikent: Or is it MaGOG
FRIEND: Lizard la-bombas? Well, I think the Greys , and their earthly allies, are our most immediate problem. If there are lizzies as allies, they can have the flies in my soup!
FRIEND: That's after 1000 years. Star wars FOR REAL.
Phikent: aw hell just lizzy the lush
FRIEND: The only existing "visions" of the battle (Daniel, John) suggest the planet is surrounded by starships...
Phikent: well I don't think contraptions, disc, triangle or nerf balls are the solution for real space leap
FRIEND: What in the heck is THAT (on the page you sent me the link for)
FRIEND: A Martian sex orafice?
Phikent: that took out the Russian Phobos 1, pretty cool, eh, maybe a thousand miles across.
FRIEND: Not at that resolution...Kent. I'd guess several miles...tops.
FRIEND: Where did that come from...and is there a larger area shot
Phikent: well okay, here's the mama then:
FRIEND: I take it this has already made the rounds of the Art Bell show...
Phikent: nup
Phikent: coupla Russians let loose o this stuff
Phikent: According to Boris Bolitsky, science correspondent for Radio Moscow, just before radio contact was lost with Phobos 2,
several unusual images were radioed back to Earth, described by the Russian as "Quite remarkable features". A report taken
from New Scientist of 8 April 1989, described the following:
FRIEND: The crater spike thing...a structure? Doubt it...yet it does seem too big to be the result of liquification after a bollide strike...
Phikent: "The features are either on the Martian surface or in the lower
atmosphere. The features are between 20 and 25 kilometers wide and do not resemble any known geological formation. They
are spindle - shaped and proving to be intriguing and puzzling."

Phikent: monolith hangin near Phobos
FRIEND: A sideways asteroid partner?
Phikent: lessee, here's another shot:
FRIEND: We expect most big asteroids to have debris or smaller partners orbiting. (re: Van Flandern)
FRIEND: Remember that, with the limitations of digital scanning resolution, the shadow areas of an asteroid hardly show up.
Phikent: word is our guys retrieved a smaller one, gave em all cancer
FRIEND: There is a sickle-shaped asteroid the appear this way during certain rotation angles...(I forget it's name)
FRIEND: What...shades of 2001? : )
FRIEND: Where is that "page" scan from?
Phikent: According to "Jesse", in 1969 the Apollo 10 astronauts Stafford, Cernan and Young were the first to film an extraterrestrial
space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, somewhat like, but smaller than, the one in Arthur C. Clarke's book/movie "2001".
They were not, however, the first astronauts to spot this ET beacon. The Monolith was first sighted by Russian cosmonaut Yuri
Gagarin, the first man in space, in 1961. He was followed into space that same year by American astronaut Alan Shephard, who
also sighted the beacon. Apollo 10 went to it, and filmed it from every angle.
Phikent: The Monolith acted like a communication beacon.
Jesse said, "It sort of acts like the message received in the movie "Contact". It had a message on it, in addition to a map of the
extraterrestrial civilization which placed it there], and how to get to them."
Phikent: The government then used an early secret military space shuttle to go get the Monolith itself. This covert military spacecraft flew
years before the first "official" NASA Shuttle's public flights in 1981. The spaceplane is operated by a secret military astronaut
program out of Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, among other locations. The second flight mission of this
unacknowledged military shuttle retrieved the Monolith, and brought it back to Earth in 1972 for study
FRIEND: ...and this
Phikent: After being retrieved, the Monolith was then transferred to a secret research facility. Scientific analysis of the Monolith was
conducted at this domed underwater facility located north of Abaco, the northernmost of the Bahamas Islands. RCA
Corporation is in charge of that experimentation research, Jesse says. Jesse stated,
FRIEND: Well, the monolith certainly was small, of a plane could retrieve it. so HOW'D the see it in the first place?
Phikent: "They did it underwater, after they saw
people dropping like flies. They figured that there would be better containment [of the Monolith's suspected cosmic energy
emanations] underwater." He noted that the space beacon "has a sound to it, like it talks. It also gives off a light show."
Phikent: Among the scientists who worked on it were famed astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan, U.S.
Army Intelligence and Security Command General William Stubblebine, (ret.), National Security Council consultant Dr. Michael
Wolf, and a former division head of CIA. Everyone who had prolonged close physical contact with the Monolith got cancer,
Jesse says. "And those who tried to dissect it [the Monolith] died right there on the spot."
FRIEND: So...again, who's this authority...Jesse?
Phikent: The CIA
Counter-Intelligence official and Dr. Wolf got colon cancer. The CIA man required surgery, but Dr. Wolf's cancer later went
into a spontaneous remission. Dr. Sagan eventually died of his cancer.
FRIEND: Make a nice Hollywood script : )
Phikent: The following information was disclosed to me by a reliable confidential informant, who previously worked on contract for the
National Security Agency, and maintains connections within the Intelligence community. This informant, whom I shall call "Jesse",
has over 40 years of notes from a very close relative, who served as CIA liaison to the National Security Council on UFO/ET
FRIEND: Or X-Files' episode : )
Phikent: already made a hollywood script
FRIEND: An no one bought it? Too much like 2001, already been done.
FRIEND: So, what book is that from?
Phikent: Some dude named Wolf
Phikent: Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security Council's
unacknowledged subcommittee, the MJ-12 Special Studies Group.
Phikent: cool tale, almost as good as Dune, Shakespeare and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Phikent: but this hardware stuff, too Newtonian for me. I say wanna go to Mars, dream yourself there.
Phikent: long as we pretend we are playing on earth might as well do Mars too.
FRIEND: And I say...Starship tech is not difficult. Build your own field generators!
Phikent: YEA, those too
Phikent: unless we could find a few antiques laying around, be cheaper.
Phikent: The Jesuits snatched most of those already I'd guess
Phikent: Best beamship I ever traveled in was made of canvas, bent willow sticks, a few satchets hangin around, and about 24 hot stones.
Phikent: Cap'n Bill and Firstmate Stan, Paiutes.
FRIEND: The technology is not complicated
FRIEND: Trust me
FRIEND: One needs to COMPRESS the aether. That is what a GRAVITY FIELD really represents. A 3 dimensional GRADIENT
FRIEND: And, as many reports that have filtered in over the years suggest, at least the unidirectional generators look like a large round capacitor.
Phikent: What was it that ol Townsend Brown had? Think that was the name...
FRIEND: it may have manifest a few properties
FRIEND: AS he had fields working one way and another. But it was only a crude device capable of nothing serious...
FRIEND: It's one thing to make an effect, it's quite another to understand it.
FRIEND: Think of space as filled with a rigid (aetheric) structure...cubic in nature. To compress a cube, what do you do?
FRIEND: Pressure from all sides doesn't do it...much. you get a nominal effect.
FRIEND: Think of a coke can.
Phikent: well I'd suck on it with something
FRIEND: Lean on the top (with pressure straight down) and it is hard to compress it. But then "pinch" the can with two fingers as you press down (and watch those fingers...ooouch)!
FRIEND: Just so with the aether...
FRIEND: You need to create a magnetic unipolar field pressure...then suddenly turn on a TWIST!!! And SQUISH!
Phikent: readin here...
FRIEND: Hence, you need omni and a twist...
Phikent: The Biefeld-Brown Effect says an electrical condenser, when charged, will MOVE TOWARD its positive pole and remain so positioned UNTIL DISCHARGED, if free to do so, regardless of WHICH POLE or WHICH SIDE of the dielectric is made positive.
Phikent: anything like what you describe?
FRIEND: This is the general technique. Look at a Pulsar Star... HINT
FRIEND: As I said, only a small effect, ignore it. One needs to leave the paths that don't lead to enlightenment. Read what I just said.
FRIEND: Study the REAL effect of a is NOT MASS, it is electrically produced (rotating and pulsing magnetic fields) gravity!
FRIEND: Rapid rotation at a rapid harmonic frequency and pulsewidth
FRIEND: Now I've told you what THEY won't!
FRIEND: We call them PULSAR drives.
Phikent: so we got a fleet, eh?
FRIEND: ALWAYS study nature...the gods have put the truth right before our noses!
FRIEND: Too bad, huh?
Phikent: bummer
FRIEND: But so do the children of the City of Enoch : )
FRIEND: And they're into sharing : )
FRIEND: Got to hop. See you 'round the universe!
Phikent: yea, but they're off sightseein somewhere
FRIEND: By the way...the RIGHT metals...ARE: Zinc (heat sink), Magnesium and Bismuth (think Positive and Negative HALL EFFECT) Now I've given you the biggest HINT I can!Bye
FRIEND: Save this message. It's the most important "science" I've ever sent anyone. Consider it a Christmas present! Pooof
Phikent: will save
We call it the "Waltman" effect