Subj: [earthchanges] Fw: [tmg_convergence] it's November 11, not November 7
Date: 11/8/99 2:14:13 PM Pacific Standard Time
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From: "Glen Deen"


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Subject: Re: [tmg_convergence] it's November 11, not November 7

> Hi, Louis,
> I am new to this list. Could you tell me what "tmg" means?
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> From: Louis Préfontaine
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> Subject: Re: [tmg_convergence] it's November 11, not
> 7
> Hi,
> Can you show at least one evidence of what you call: "The
> three objects"?
> If by evidence you mean observations, I will have to defer to
> NASA which has no doubt been tracking these objects by radar
> some time and keeping the information quiet. I did observe a
> comet in front of the Moon on August 14 through my telescope.
> The details of that and several solar comet observations I
> two of which are on videotape, are given in the HTML files that
> were attached to my message to which you replied. But I can't
> relate my observations to any particular object.
> Nevertheless, I used the time of my observations and 7 other
> amateur observations in Denver and Seattle along with all
> novae and supernovae for the last thousand years to discover
> end and beginning epochs of the current era, and those details
> are also in those attached files.
> My theory actually calls for four comets: three to be absorbed,
> plus one to be emitted (C3PO). There are two retrograde and
> direct orbits (R2D2). These are a direct and retrograde pair
> quasi-polar orbits with inclinations of approximately 60º and
> 120º (= -60º) respectively (I think the actual inclinations may
> be 63º and 114º), and a direct and retrograde pair of
> quasi-equatorial orbits with inclinations of approximately 30º
> and 150º (= -30º), respectively. The emitted comet will be
> launched into an equatorial retrograde orbit at 150º
> How can you predict where those "three objects" would hit?
> My theory requires that the polar comets impact from the plane
> and therefore on the great circle that includes the radius
> to the Sun. That means they will impact at local noon and
> midnight. The theory also requires that the equatorial comets
> absorbed and emitted in the plane and on the great circle that
> includes the Earth's orbit velocity vector, 90º from the solar
> radius vector. That means the impact will be at local sunset,
> and the emission will be at local dawn. Given the universal
> of the event, the longitude of the solar radius vector is
> defined as that longitude which corresponds to local noon. The
> latitudes in each case will be the orbit inclination angles of
> the comet orbits.
> Those requirements produce the initial approximate table:
> Universal time = 03 hours = 0º longitude;
> Local midnight = 00 hours = 45ºW longitude.
> Retro-Polar = 45ºW, 60ºN, Local midnight impact
> Direct-Polar = 135ºE, 60ºN, Local noon impact
> Retro-Equat. = 45ºE, 30ºN, Local dawn emission
> Direct-Equat.= 135ºW, 30ºN, Local sunset impact
> Let's say for example that the impact epoch turned out to be
> 02:46 UT. We could then adjust the above table to accomodate
> that datum.
> Universal time = 02.7667 hours (02:46) = 0º longitude;
> Local midnight = 00 hours = 41.5ºW longitude.
> Retro-Polar = 41.5ºW, 60ºN, Local midnight in Greenland
> Direct-Polar = 138.5ºE, 60ºN, Local noon in NE Siberia impact
> Retro-Equat. = 48.5ºE, 30ºN, Local dawn in Abadan, Iran
> Direct-Equat.= 131.5ºW, 30ºN, Local sunset in Pacific Ocean
> impact
> As far as my eyes don't lie to me, it was obvious, the
> time I had seen the video of the eclipse, that one of the
> three objects was in front of the moon. Later, TMG showed
> that another one was man-made. Have you anything serious
> pointing to November 11?
> Read my paper entitled "November 11, 1999 Epoch Predicted by
> Hidden Logarithmic Periodicity in Celestial Events" that was
> attached to my first message that you are replying to here.
> Regards,
> Louis
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> Peace,
> Glen
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