Patron: Sea Columbarium at Tillamook Rock LighthouseMimi Morissette Chief Keeper.

Basic web design: $200.00, includes: layout, text, links, opening illustration.

for Sea Columbarium at Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

 Original web illustrations: $100.00 (adjustable for scope of project).

Animated illustrations: $15.00/cell.

Banners: $100.00  (see banner at heading).

Scrolling banners: $30.00.

Java illustrations: $200.00 and up.

(examples) found at PHIKENT'S ANIMATED WORLD.

Website Audio installations: $50.00.

Website Real Audio installations: $100.00 and up.

Artist's original dulcimer, encoded from .wav file.  

(presentations, lectures, music adapted to website, please turn off midi and reload page afterwards).

Corporate logo development: $500.00 and up.

(example) 2The Top Productions.

 Book illustrations; VIDEO, AUDIO CASSETTES (negotiable).

(example) see author's website.

Writing projects: negotiable.

See CHASING SHADOW, internet novel by STEADMAN.

Visit the artist's website for links to hundreds of other creative displays throughout the web.

Artist wishes to seek painting and sculpture commissions.


I would like to sell puppet theatre installations to family sites, and more serious theatre installations to general audience sites (such as made for Art Bell).

I would also like to find a commission to produce my sequel to the animated, musical novel for the internet, CHASING SHADOW. I have the manuscript in hard-copy but have yet to adapt to the web, in search of a patron that would recognize the effort involved.


(206) 439-1141


added 5/11/97