9/2/2006 8:36:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent -

I got permission today from my source to send you the outline of an email this person sent me a couple of months ago.

He does not want his name, the original email correspondence between him and I, or his company, used in the article.

Some websites in the past have caused him some problems - once bitten, twice shy syndrome.

So, he will remain nameless - but suffice it to say, he worked in a managerial position at the Twin Towers.

He has firsthand knowledge of the events leading up to the day of 911.

I am sending question and answer format, minus names, for you to post.


Dear Mr. ________ -

I am a freelance researcher here in Vancouver, Canada. I was very interested in the interview you had with _____; which, as you know, is posted on their site. I began to question some of what was in the interview and wondered if you would be so kind as to answer some of my questions.

Question - What did the Port Authority say the 'power-down' was for? You said it was for 'recabling,' and it was something to do with 'the power supplies,' but didn't see the wording used.

**Answer - None given.

Question - Was a new Battery power source added - which was floor to floor, rather than the whole building?

**Answer - I have no specific knowledge or information on this. I only know that the power-down was mandated by the PANYNJ for 'recabling'.

Question - According to my source, if the building was built in the 70's, there would have been a 'bus-duct system' in the buildings at construction. Was there 2 'bus-ducts' in Tower 2, separated feeds, top and bottom of Tower?

**Answer - Again, I'm sorry, but I don't know this information.

Question - Was there a 'dump-load' first, before power-down?

**Answer - Sorry, I don't know this.

Question - Was there an electrical room on each floor of the Tower?

**Answer - I don't have specific knowledge of this. I know there were several electrical rooms on the floor where I worked, floor 97 of the South Tower, one close to the heavy good elevator, another close to the main floor elevators, and other minor electrical box rooms around the floor.

Question - Did the Tower have 'plug-in' disconnects?

**Answer - Sorry, I don't know.

Question - Did the Tower have 'secured distribution?'

**Answer - Sorry, I don't know.

Question - You said the Port Authority, contacted you weeks before, to let you know about the 'power-down' - is this something that would normally come from the Port Authority? That is, would they normally be the one to contact you for a 'major electrical job' that was to be done?

**Answer - Any works on the fabric of the WTC buildings was the responsibility of the PANYNJ, so yes this was 'normal' procedure. "What was 'abnormal' was that the power was being switched off for an extended period. This was exceptional."

Question - Is Ben Fountain one of the survivors of 911?

**Answer - I don't know Ben Fountain, I only know of him from news and documentaries online related to 9/11.

Question - You said you contacted 911 Commission officials and the Port Authority three times to answer your questions - have you ever heard from them, and have you tried since to contact them?

**Answer - I have some news on this - I have finally heard from the PR department of PANYNJ after multiple e-mails and phone calls ... I have asked for the procedure or person to contact in order to request a 'freedom of information' call on documents. I will keep you posted. Please mail me again if I can provide any additional information.

L.J. Wilson.