Subj: Urgent - SOHO anomalies NOW!
Date: 8/5/00 6:17:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Something unique is going on. See the attached image. At 23:18 UT we see
the WEDGE object is back, again trailing some sort of debris. Again,
this makes one believe we are dealing with a real physical object since
it has now appeared at least 4 times since the beginning of June. Cosmic
ray and particle impacts would not appear exactly the same way as this
does each time.

But wait, the very next image at 23:42 shows what appears either the
WEDGE rendezvousing with the CRUISER, or the WEDGE becoming the CRUISER
because of an aspect change. This is the first time we have been able to
catch either on subsequent frames.

Again, this speaks against ray or particle impact on the imagers, since
ray and particle are a one time, instantaneous event.

If this is a real physical object, being seen by SOHO as regularly as it
seems then what were are dealing with is an object that may be in orbit
around the earth at a distance of greater that 1 million miles (SOHO
distance from earth). Additionally, due to the positions we have seen
this object in on the C3 images, the orbit would be highly eccentric.

The alternatives are:

Intentional manipulation of the images to what ends unknown;

Unknown particle interaction of a type not classified or recognized

Object of vast size under intelligent control

Very small object in orbit around SOHO

Remember we are dealing with a very narrow field of view (even narrower
on C2).

The relative “brightness” of the object in the images is an issue.
Something that bright in orbit around earth should be seen by ground
based telescopes (or should I say could be).

Normally one might thing to be that bright it would have to be on the
far side of the sun in order to reflect sunlight. If that were the case,
the object would be planetary in size. That would case gravitational
anomalies that should be easily detectable unless its mass and density
are low. That would be an indication of artificiality.

While I am writing this I have just found another image of the WEDGE at
17:18UT. Relative sizing is approximately the same as 23:18UT. I will
add the image to the post.

Something seems to be going on and we should all keep looking.

BTW, has anyone else noticed there is a higher percentage of anomalous
images at the :18 past the hour C3 images?

More as its develops…..