Subj: Survivors? 
Date: 3/15/02 10:19:32 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Everything smells of COUP - COUNTER COUP!   The Bush's election certain
qualified as a COUP.

I would think there is a 99% probability the passenger/witnesses are dead.
Where and how they died exactly is still arguable.   Looking at their
backgrounds, maybe there is the remotest possibility that some of them were
needed in the bunkers?

Remember, there are currently two possible reasons for activating the
national bunkers system.  One is potential NBC attacks and the other is
preparation for the Passover of Planet-X.   Could the first be an excuse to
cover for the second?  Possibly, for they began stock-piling huge amounts
of rations in the bunkers system long before any of the current threats
were anywhere on the radar.

Since most of us left on the surface will likely die during the Passover
anyway, would they consider it such a serious crime to sacrifice a few
thousand of us quick and painlessly in order to create a cover for their
personal (tax-paid) preparations?  Have they stopped to consider the
magnitude of the forces to be unleashed from below, as well as above, and
that they are most likely preparing very expensive burial vaults and not
survival shelters for themselves.  If they do survive, they will most
likely be literally eaten alive when they emerge.  Nature can be ruthlessly
efficient that way after a disaster.   These pathetic souls have truly
become delusional.


Everything hints of conflicting influences within the Pentagon, such as
somebody resisting the Bush Regime govt. hijack?

You'd think someone-mil would come forth, after all buddies within the
Brass were wasted, not to mention missing passengers.

Many are asking, well, what the hell happened to the passengers. Maybe we
need more supportable theory if such investigation is even possible. Maybe
the best so far is at: