Pentagon crash frames: Was it a 757, F-16, or Cessna F172?

Date: 3/11/02 6:52:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: SHERLOCK BILL  Kent: in your absence, this 'eschatus' guy has been examining the plane seen in the first frame, where a tail appears plainly. It seems likely that only a small Cessna-type private plane crashed into the Pentagon. And that's the reason an explosion had to be planted at the Pentagon timed to go off a fraction of a second before the plane got there. THAT WAY, the plane could slink in the Pentagon without trouble and get lost in the debris. You'll like this page Kent. He analyzes photos like you would. Naturally, everyone calls this guy a nutcase, but I analyzed it myself too. The tail isn't the right shape for a 757.

Date: 3/11/02 8:44:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subj: Mark D. Faram took that Pentagon plane-piece photo. Maybe email him for info?


Keep in mind:

10th frame of this slide show is Mark Faram's plane piece photo:

(that's why the photo is called Pentagon10.jpg in some sites.)

Perhaps you could email Mark at and ask him if there were any markings on that piece, or any other pieces laying around that would be silver in color, like the kind found in a Boeing 757-223 jet. If he says the piece was white and red, we can certainly suggest that piece came from a Cessna-type plane.

From the info below, it appears that when you're a journalist, there's no privacy for you. Look how much I dug up from the web:


Background on Mark Faram from

Mark D. Faram


I'm 38 and have been on the pilot list off and on for about a year. (mostly on). I am a writer/photographer. I am on the staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force Times as a photographer. I do a lot of freelance writing both for the company and other sources. (We are not part of the government. We are now part of the Gannett newspaper chain).

I was in the Navy for 9 years as a photojournalist and Deep Sea Diver. I have a strong interest in pda use in the Military and in journalism.

I have owned an laptop for five years and have hauled the same to Somalia, Bosnia, Persian Gulf, etc. In my search for something "more and less" I bought a PPPersonal in April of 97 and fell in love with it! After it was stolen at the Chicago's O'Hare airport in July, I did without one for a month when I bought a Pro. Eventually I had bought a modem and the TRG three meg upgrade as well as pilokey and a newton keyboard. I took it to Bosnia in Novemever and for the first time left the laptop at home. A co-worker had a newton and being a gaget freak I was curious. I bought a MP2K and had it upgraded only to find I had gained nothing except no limit on memo size. So I sold the Newton and bought a Toshiba Libretto and a PPPersonal (things come full circle).

I plan to keep both, as I feel I have found the perfect combination except for the fact of the limit on memo size. It still and always will piss me off and has me reading about those new WIN CE devices.

I don't plan to get the modem again, however I do intend to upgrade to the PIII board or get a new TRG board for added room. I use Palmeta Mail as I like the fact that it uses the notepad. I use it for caption information and sometimes interview notes, I use it for schedule as well as expenses and as a more portable way to read email.

I have both a Mac and PC desktop and am now playing with Linux(thanks to this list). I am interested in programming for the pilot, IBM and mac in ways to make work easier for Writers, Journalists and Photogs. I am good at teaching myself things and have learned about building Mac's and PC's on my own. I think I can start to learn programming on my own, (any suggestions for a starting point?). It could be a new career shift. I have used so much stuff in the field that I am a consultant of sorts to the other journalists I work with.

I live in Woodbridge Va. and am interested to know if there's a D.C. area users group. My web page has more of my resume as well as my photo work. it can be found at

Thanks for listening!


Serial number for him: Journalist 1st Class Mark Faram



Info from

Faram, Mark D


2586 Sylvan Moor Ln.

Woodbridge, VA 22191


USS John F. Kennedy (78-81) HCU-TWO/MDSU-TWO (81-83) FLTAVCOMLANT Underwater Photo Team (83) Syracuse University (83-84) NMRI/SUPSALV (84-87) Naval Reserve Media Center (01-present)


He's listed at

NR Naval Media Center Washington, Faram, Mark D. JO1


Mark's fax number from is


Date: 3/14/02 7:45:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent: when the Pentagon 9-11 incident happened, what'd they do? Say "Hurry! We've got a plane piece! Call Dennis Ryan! He took the MASCAL photos!" It's the only other plane piece I've found so far, and the tell-tale rivet holes evenly spaced make it look like a plane piece.

How did Dennis Ryan just HAAAAAAAPPEN to be in the right place at the right time to take that plane piece photo, when he just HAAAAAAAAAAPPENED to take the MASCAL photos too? They should just come out and say the plane pieces come from a smaller remote-controlled Dragonfire plane, Or Cessna, or fill in the blank with the correct name.

Another plane piece from the Pentagon way at the bottom of this site:

(DENNIS RYAN took that photo.)

See? There's the same photo taken by Dennis Ryan.

Remember that Contingency planning Pentagon MASCAL exercise?


(Guess who took the photos? YEP! Dennis Ryan!!!)

(Editor's note: Dennis Ryan is a staff writer

for the Pentagram newspaper at Fort Myer, Va.)


204 Lee Ave., Building 59

Attn: News Notes

Fort Myer, VA 22211-1199

Items can also be faxed to (703) 696-0055.

His email could be OR perhaps,

although you probably won't get any more details out of him.