Subj: 3 AM

Date: 5/31/00 9:09:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: cplyler@elfrad.com (Charlie)

To: listen@midrivers.com (Debra Mohon)

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Hi Debra,

Brookhaven could be blowing bubbles.

Looks as if we may be onto something. These graphs I am sending

are from the data capture this morning showing an ultra low

frequency magnetic burst at 3:11 AM EDT. (7:11 UTC) Please notice

that disturbance lasted for almost precisely two minutes. There was

a magnetic buildup prior to the burst for 15 minutes, disappearing

at the time of the event.

It would be interesting to see if any fireballs were noticed

anywhere around that time. There was a huge fireball sighted

over Colorado on May 27. There was a magnetic indication just like

this one at that time.

Good luck on your snooping.

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> Let me know what is going on as soon as you get a minute...


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