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From:   (mark andrews)

October 15, 2001


Thoughts And Theories

( c ) 2001 Mark Andrews

Now that it is generally agreed that we have witnessed the devastation in New
York City as foreseen by Nostradamus (in the
9-11 attack), we can now reasonably speculate regarding his infamous "Third
Anti-Christ" predicted to appear in conjunction with the disaster. The title
"Great King of Terror" - who brings fire from the sky - might well belong to
Osama bin-Laden. But is it possible that Bin-Laden is only one of the
personalities who fulfill the "Third Anti-Christ" prophecy?

In order to get a better feel for Nostradamus' style of prophetic encryption, it
would first be helpful to take a quick look at the first and second Anti-Christ
as he envisioned.

THE FIRST ANTI-CHRIST: Named by Nostradamus as "Apollyon Noir" - a French
general who will make Spain and Italy tremble - there is consensus that he could
be speaking only of Napoleon.

THE SECOND ANTI-CHRIST: A captain of greater Germany who will re-invent the
ovens as a form of annihilation; and named by Nostradamus as "Hister". Adolph
Hitler was born on the banks of the River Danube; which is the River "Hister" in
terms of ancient Roman geography.

The visions of future events and personalities came to Nostradamus by way of
imagery that he saw reflected in water in a copper cauldron pot in his study. He
said often that higher entities brought the visions to him and provided
clairaudient words and explanations along with the images. This is very similar
to the visions given to John of Patmos when recording the Biblical book of
Revelations. (Although John of Patmos made no direct references to reflected
images.) It might be that the same (or similar) angelic entities were actively
involved in giving predictions to both of these prophets.


Among the many references to Anti-Christ number three in the is the enigmatic
name "MABUS". It would be consistent with Nostradamus' style for the name to
have many meanings, and to refer to more than one individual. Here are some of
the possibilities.

MABUS could be a reverse spelling of SUBAM or "SADAM". The Arabic word "sadam"
means conflict. Saddam Hussein would be an obvious choice for fitting this
interpretation. However, because the term infers conflict, there may be more
prophetic meanings to be found within the letters of "MABUS".

Many people have considered that the name "BUSH" is encoded in MABUS. Perhaps
there is a collective association here to imply:

1. BUSH - SADDAM conflict. ( The Gulf War. )

The Arabic spelling of "Osama" is more properly transliterated into English as

2. BUSH - USAMA conflict. ( Afghanistan )

3. "MABUS" - USA, "M" B (Bush) The French language in Nostradamus' time had no
equivalent for the English letter "W". "M" in this case may be an inverted  "W":

This is not to suggest that either President Bush ( George or George W.), Saddam
Hussein, or Osama bin-Laden would stand alone within this interpretation. It may
be that MABUS is not a name (as such) but rather, an anagram for a series of
conflicts that began with America's involvement in Operation Desert Storm and is
continuing today with the U.S. strikes in Afghanistan.

Even with all of the attention that has been given to MABUS, there are other
references to another individual (aside from the individuals already named) who
must be seen as presently unidentifiable from the clues given in "Mabus". The
Anti-Christ of the book of Revelations is someone having both Arab and Jewish
heritage - someone who is able to negotiate peace between Israel and its Muslim

Nostradamus also speaks of a "Prince of Persia": " The king will enter Europe
wearing a blue turban." "Long expected to come from Europe (3rd Anti-Christ) he
will come instead from Asia."

The term "MABUS" may have future interpretive meanings in reference to the name
of this more obscure individual who more closely parallels the Anti-Christ of

Mark Andrews